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  1. Jenkins at WH , no doubt, almost as good at coaching FB also !
  2. Its Gregs if he wants it, look out Peach Tree, they better hire a new greens keeper, cause that boy is a hacker... HAHA
  3. Casey Neal - Prin/Baseball, good luck !
  4. So WHO is Huey bringing in to bring the Blue Coats back to the top of 13-4A ? Word is, he's able to bring in 3 to 5 new hands. What version of the spread does he run ?
  5. Holy smoke- The combined age of those guys is like 4 digits
  6. Brain Lewis - Waco Rob Huey Chancellor - Bellville Local 4A Coor. ????
  7. There's 3 of em, I THINK one is from some school in Waco, not sure on the others, no locals
  8. He's got time to play golf- I thought those boys (Coaches) worked FB 7 days a week 365 days a year
  9. You'll never know who the top five or six are...MAJOR feelings would get hurt if it got out who applied for this job- then didnt get a sniff. Some things are better left unsaid. How controlling is the PT board of trustees ? Do they actually have a say in who the OC and DC are? Shed some light PTB
  10. Nice Bowman...Steve Halpin ? Did his son Graduate yet ?
  11. Not Gardner, Vallery, Evans, Morris...keep guessing
  12. Not for long- if they can play theyll be at LV, SH or HV- PT gets whats left Chad Morris- not in same ball park as the Blue Coats.
  13. They will go outside on this one WH are the crappie bitin on LOP
  14. Well you gotta LB tackling a DE, lets rock
  15. So Surratt makes more than Norton... Dang, Back Mrown better get a few more boosters on the 40 acres up North !
  16. I guess I worded it the wrong way last night! What about some of the 'State Champion Coaches" in the area?
  17. BR dont even know how to TEXT, much less ck his email
  18. Sounds like BH found them a coach...WR coach might even get to take "A" football to workout... How many guys can you line up in the backfield ? It's not the Wing T, It's the Triangle and 2. LOL Will the FB players have to go thru BB offseason during the athletic period, then have FB prac. after school ? Quite a drop off (nothing against Pirtle) Teague, Stroupe, ??????. What's that interview like ?
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