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  1. $$$ talks . :censored: walks ...
  2. It's a game- What really matters is when you die, your either going to Heaven or Hell. TL Parents get a grip- from texting coaches at half-time to worrying about all district- step back and take a look at yourself. http://www.theguyintheglass.com/gig.htm
  3. The word is ..... Randy Mac and Wally D might be reuniting as the new 1-2 punch at BH....
  4. All u boosters get your ck books out !
  5. Great recruiting move by the part of BH. Teague- Could get all of the athletes from surrounding areas with problems at present school Stroupe- Could get all the upper middle class athletes that can afford to come Heck I would hire both of them, next freakin Evangel in the making - NOTE to surrounding AD's, Thump Thump coaches, and HFC - better keep close tabs on your Allstars, because the GAMES are about to begin...... WD's BIL , the SPURT, says the DYNASTY is in the near future; all he needs is a new Gym like the 1 in WH....
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