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  1. Mack didn't take Arkansas seriously enough first time he played them. I felt like he didn't appreciate what he signed up for.
  2. Surratt's coaching style is geared for winning the title more than the winning percentage. There can be a difference.
  3. I was at that game as well. Just lost Coach Mac. It was a VERY big deal.
  4. Carthage has had some pretty impressive state champions in academics but those records are lost and forgotten. What few that were listed on the school marquee were removed to make room for the football program. Carthage's recognition of academic success is dismal compared to other schools. I'm basing on years past but I doubt it has changed.
  5. Any truth to the story I'm hearing of a movie about Surratt?
  6. Most impressive to me about Surratt is winning state when you didn't even win district.
  7. A serious bummer to be put in the same division as Carthage. Not that they won't lose a game again but opponents best plan is to recruit enough students to get out of D2.
  8. The pain from serious butt whoopin's sometimes never goes away.
  9. Thanks I found it on KGAS facebook. Couple open dates. Cornerston Christian Coaches bring back memory of Shreveport Evangel days.
  10. Carthage at Randall Reed 7 pm 8-26 what i just found.
  11. As difficult as it is for Carthage to schedule games, just wondered why they haven't crossed the river occasionally. Suspect there is good reason.
  12. Sounds like some families need to be reintroduced to a local church. Aledo doesn't have a monopoly on that.
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