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  1. LE has the best staff in the state imo PG is always more talented tho!
  2. Lol yall still on it? how’s baseball fairing for you guys this season?
  3. Sure is a mouthy bunch for an 0-10 team , can’t wait for the season!
  4. If I’m not mistaken you had a player whistles for a tech and was all in the refs face arguing ! If hooks could make free throws they win by 10!
  5. Lmao street ball? So Hooks was not well coached? Wow
  6. might as well have opted to stay in 4a goodness!!
  7. Got ya kind of like Redwater & Texarkana
  8. Bro, I know this may sound stupid but I did not realize Sabine High was in the city of Gladewater.
  9. What he said was not too bad but there is some truth to that, everyone should have areas in which they need to improve we def have a lot of work to do just dropping to 3a isn't going to solve anything, on the flip side I do think ATL will take another step forward this upcoming season and it feels great to be district opponents again.
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