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  1. Everything an athlete does is a calculated risk. Doesn't matter if the kid has 60 scholarship offers to 30 P5 schools. There are no guarantees, and only the most fortunate make the final cut, most for only a short period in the NFL. I can't tell you how many really good athletes I've seen, have their HS, College or NFL opportunities dissolved in an instant to either injury or decisions made in their life. If you are lucky enough to negotiate the maze and avoid all the pitfalls, then maybe you make it more than the 4 year NFL average, maybe??? This decision Blue has made only takes one year
  2. Lufkin has been traveling, playing some Elite 7 on 7 tournaments since March under the name of Lufkin Reign, against teams from Texas and other States. They are playing in a 7 on 7 Tourney in Houston this weekend. Not sure if it's an SQT or another elite format. Talked to WR Journie Thomas today. They are also playing in a local 7 on 7 league on Wednesday nights.
  3. No one else in East Texas will ever have that many rings. The 8th one on the left pinky is a little obscured. It doesn't matter what class they are in, they have done it in the class they play. Just like Katy (8) and Southlake (7) have done in 6A and Aledo (10) in 5A. Not easy.
  4. Not enough emphasis here, on whether Klein Cain actually needs this kid in 2021. The KC program probably has other RBs moving up in their ranks, they may not be a Jaydon Blue, but everyone has to be replaced eventually. I'm sure that program will be fine in the long run. Blue made a decision, for whatever his reasons, good, bad or indifferent. There are other things flying around out there about why, no need to even speak about them. If Blue has any success at all @ UT, he won't be there two years before declaring for the NFL. That is this kids prime end goal, and he tell us this in his twee
  5. https://www.corsicanadailysun.com/sports/gc-baseball-tigers-bounce-back-rip-nac-12-3-to-win-area-series-face-ennis/article_78c05828-b5d0-11eb-bd9e-9378ea76ab82.html Nac's starting right fielder was ejected in a long fourth inning delay that also saw a Nacogdoches fan get ejected by an umpire crew that was from East Texas.
  6. I understand Nac had a player and a fan tossed in the game.
  7. Marshall vs Highland Park Game #2 https://www.scotsillustrated.com/broadcasts
  8. Lufkin fans don't give a rats tail about Texas High, it's losing to anyone in the first round of the playoffs. Lufkin plays so well during the regular season, whether it be baseball, soccer or football or whatever, then boom the 1st round comes and we can't find our butts.
  9. I told everyone from watching Lufkin play WH and NAC, I thought Nac had a better team, and couldn't understand how WH beat them 3 times. It all proved out this weekend.
  10. It should not surprise folks, didn't shock me. Any 1st round playoff success around here of late has been rare. Why should anything else be expected now.
  11. They had three, the rest were on the JV team. The Lufkin JV was 24-4 and Lufkin Sophomores 23-1-1. All three on varsity this year will be back next season. Texas High did what they had to do to win and Lufkin did not. A big WOW to lots of folks. Hats off to Texas High.
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