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  1. 5A DI Region II Longview (11-0) Frisco Lone Star (9-2) Longview (11-0) favored by 24 5A DI Region II Lancaster (9-2) Frisco Reedy (11-0) Lancaster (9-2) favored by 19
  2. The computer pick Lobos by 20. Stepp's pick Longview by 18. That really sounds like an upset alert! LOL
  3. I listened to Tep and Stepp last night and Greg Tepper said he had Longview a 20 point favorite, and Matt Stepp said he thought Lufkin may could keep the game close in the first half, then the Lobos pull away in the 2nd half. Saying it's an upset special is a bunch of hype on DCTF part. https://www.texasfootball.com/article/2022/09/13/tep-stepp-podcast-week-4-preview?ref=home_feature_article
  4. Prayers for Cooper and his family. The Lord is the Greatest Physician, may is healing be upon him.
  5. There is no reason to think Lufkin will beat Longview. So, I will not attempt to debate that issue. The Lobos have been rolling everyone, you guys see a weakened Region II and see Denton Ryan as beatable now. To me, it's hard for me to envision anyone who will stop the Longview freight train Lufkin surprised some folks last night, especially a really good AMC team. There will be no such surprises this week. Longview and Lufkin know each other all too well. There will be a lot of emphasis on sub varsity scores and such, but in the end the Lobos will be favored to win big, even at ABE. Lufkin is a young and growing team, they are just looking to get better each week and distance themselves from the past two sub par seasons. Long road ahead still for the Panthers, one big win does not define a season. Longview is top dog because they are the best in 5ADI this year, there is no doubt in my mind. Don't know what's wrong with Legacy and Tyler High programs, looks like they have just quit. You won't find me much in this topic debating this week, I fully understand where Lufkin stands and their growing is a process. Just glad this is the first game of district, and we are able to get all the normal Lufkin - Longview bantering out of the way, and move on with playing everyone else in district. it's not like the old days between Lufkin and Longview by any stretch, and Lufkin folks are aware of that all too well. Figure there will be a ton of folks at ABE this Friday night, lots of Lobo barking and that darn train horn.
  6. It's Old Lufkin Dunbar Night, Pack /Tigers won't lose this one.
  7. Lufkin D actually only gave up 3 points. Could have easily been 31-10 or 38-10 final, but it wasn't and that was Lufkin's fault. Two Lufkin offensive TO (INT at Lufkin 2 and 45 yard fumble return for TD) in about a minute of the 3rd quarter were terrible, especially when the Legacy O only had to go 2 yards total to get 14 points. The late TD with .59 on the clock meant nothing. I also understand it's all part of the game, you have to take care of the ball. Lufkin swapping QB's back and forth had it's moments, but trying to throw deep from your end zone was not a good call, QB gets hit, the ball goes straight up in the air and you have the INT at the 2. OC should have never called that play. I don't know what to think about the game between Nacogdoches and Lufkin. You sure can't tell how good the Panthers are playing Huntsville or Legacy. Huntsville lost to A&M Consolidated 38-13 and we certainly had trouble with Huntsville in our scrimmage. Legacy may not win many games this year, or the Panthers?? You know how good you are when you play someone good, and I'm not ready to say Lufkin is good. Lufkin is improved from the last two years for sure, but good??? Think they must prove that against much better competition, and that is coming their way this season. Legacy was not it by any stretch.
  8. It will be Lufkin Dunbar remembrance night. Lufkin will don the Black and White Lufkin Dunbar jersey's from 51 years ago. Remembering guys like Ken Houston and Joe Williams and others who will be on hand. There will be a recognition ceremony before the game and in the PAC Activity Center next to the football field. So the Panthers will look slightly different their normal Purple attire.
  9. Lufkin wins first game of their series with Frisco Wakeland 6-3. Next game is Saturday at 4 PM in Mt Pleasant. Forney beat Frisco Lone Star 3-0 in their first game of that series.
  10. Cleburne defeats Hallsville 5-3 to win their series 2-1. Whitehouse lost to Corsicana 6-1 today to bow out of the playoffs losing the series 2-0.
  11. Lufkin defeats North Forney 2-0 and advances to the Third round of the 5A Region II Playoffs.
  12. Lufkin wins game #1 of the Area playoffs over North Forney 3-2. Panthers score 3 runs on 6 hits. Hinojosa pitches a 4 hitter for the Panthers. Series moves to North Forney tomorrow at 7 PM.
  13. Lufkin completes a 2-0 sweep of the Lobos today in Longview, with a 13-1 win in 6 innings. Lufkin and North Forney will now meet in the next round of the playoffs.
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