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  1. Gilmer National Bank Charter Bus to Prosper Bus will leave the bank @ 3 Contact person is Angie Sowell 903 843-5653 $25 a person Be at the bank by 2:30
  2. It's kind of nice that there are still some coaches that are loyal to their team, school, fans and community - if they were offered and turned it down.
  3. I thought he was ready for retirement before he was talked into staying as Gilmer's head coach.
  4. With the volatility of college coaching and their staff these days not sure I would put my eggs in that basket, but I guess time will tell. LOL
  5. 67 yard run by Darrell Bush for the Gilmer score 7 - 7
  6. 53 yard Darrell Bush run for the TD Gilmer 35 - 20 6:01 in the 4th
  7. High snap over the punter's head. Another safety for the Buckeyes Gilmer 28-20 6:56 in the game
  8. Gilmer 19 - WC 13 8:22 in the 3rd This one is not over yet!
  9. Gilmer game announcers say the PG game would be in Longview.
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