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  1. Sounds like a serious barnburner
  2. A few months ago I posted about one of my former teachers and his involvement in the US attempt to assasinate Saddam Hussein in 1991. The failed mission resulted in his sniper partner dying and him almost dying while trying to escape through the desert. After the army forced him into electroshock therapy and kept him dehydrated in the hospital until he agreed to never speak of the mission again, he became a teacher. Recently, he resigned and wrote a book about his life: from being physically and sexually abused as a child to the mission. Now after writing 2 more books about all of this, he is being threated by the government after petitioning to have the war crimes of the illegal missions, the whereabouts of 38 other soldiers who were either involved in the mission or knew about it from the beginning. These soldiers are believed to have been tortured, and now that his story has been heard, he has sent a petition to Nancy Pelosi to have the officials involved in these crimes indicted. Now the government is trying to threaten Robin Smith. Here is a post from his facebook page made on Sunday: Things are getting heavier and the weight is draining ... I feel the need to address threats here and make them public because I don't know where else to go or what to do. A red screen with white lettering popped up on my phone about three hours ago that read: "Take your uncle's advice and go away or YOUR face will be removed as well." I didn't understand the reference until I just checked my email. My mother forwarded a message to me from one of my uncles about three hours ago. In the email, my uncle addressed his concerns for my safety after I released a government petition for a congressional investigation of the Iraq mission. My uncle referenced "Chip Tatum", a former CIA operative who spoke out against the U.S. government and was found dead and without his face off the coast of Panama. Here is a link to the Chip Tatum Story and Interview before his death: Interview: http://video.google....457994226676654 Here is a link to his website: http://www.robinmichaelsmith.com/ Here is a link to sign the petition: http://www.change.or...erm=autopublish All this makes me wonder: how much is our government really hiding from us?
  3. Im kind of surprised he wrote a book about it. He never talked about it when someone brought it up and was very quiet and soft spoken.
  4. LOL I noticed that I put Bin Laden right after I posted it. any mods wanna fix it for me?
  5. http://neighborsgo.com/index.php?page_id=1000&type=article&site_page_id=5&post_id=75553
  6. I picked Celina. I thought it would be a close game with Celina pulling out a win, but I was wrong.
  7. Orange Machine on 3a downlow is big orange on here. I dont think the orangemachine on here is the same guy
  8. Congrats to both teams on winning tonight. Any word on where they are going to play next week?
  9. And why doesnt this thread have a poll?
  10. I just hope that Celina can hang within 40 and try and make a game of it
  11. Prestonwood would easily be a top 10 team in 3a, maybe even top 5. They are NOT your typical private school. They have ALOT of talent
  12. My bad. Just had to point out to the poster i replied to that there is good teams outside of 16-3A
  13. They are not your typical private school. Massive lines, 3 recievers over 6'4, a GREAT quarterback. They are very, very good. Ive seen them and henderson on film multiple times. Henderson cant hang with them
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