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  1. That touchdown’ll do it. Official backbreaker for the Wildcats. Great season for Paris, and good luck to Argyle in the next 2 games!
  2. Yep. Won’t get many red zone trips in this game and to botch one that way is a killer. Also, great play call by Argyle on the flea flicker on their TD early in 1Q.
  3. Saturday night at 6:00 at the new McKinney ISD Stadium To my knowledge, Paris has never beaten Argyle in football, including a 28-7 district loss earlier this season. But as we know, at this stage, it’s anybody’s game. So who you taking?
  4. So who’s got any knowledge or even conjecture as to where the Argyle/Paris game will be played?
  5. It's only been open for about a week and a half. Chill out. I'm sure they're sorting through some pretty darn good coaches.
  6. Yep.....Paris vs. PG and NL vs. Pittsburg in the regional quarterfinals. Pretty impressive.
  7. + 1 At least Rivercrest dropped to a class to 2A in the most recent realignment. That'll help a tad.....and they'll need all the help they can get. New district is: Clarksville Como-Pickton Honey Grove Quinlan Boles Wolfe City
  8. The home sites for those bottom 2 games on Friday's schedule need to be reversed....should be: Paris at Atlanta Pitt at NL
  9. What's helped Cooper is getting guys like Robinson and Reynolds back on the court. I still think Cooper gets in the playoffs at the expense of Chisum or Rivercrest.....probably Chisum.
  10. Penalties are definitely hurting Cooper, but Leonard is hurting them too. They've shown up to play and are stopping Cooper's rushing attack like nobody else has been able to do all season. The first drive of the second half will be pretty telling. If it doesn't go well, I don't see Cooper winning this game.
  11. Yeah, Wylie isn't as glamorous a destination as I expected. Hopefully just saving up for a trip to Cowboys Stadium in a few weeks. ;) As far as weather goes, looks like a cold rain Friday night. Maybe the rain will be out of the picture by Saturday afternoon.
  12. While Commerce would be ideal for short travel, I figure both schools will be trying to secure one of the really nice stadiums in the Metroplex. From Cooper's perspective (and probably Leonard's too for that matter), this is a special season and it's hard to gauge when it might happen again. Might as well make it as fancy of a playoff journey as possible. Plus, these two teams played there last year so Leonard might not want to play there again this year.
  13. Paris just had their way in the first half. Nothing much else to say about it. Both teams turned the ball over once. Paris is stuffing L-E's rushing attempts. The Leopards' offensive success has been with the pass.
  14. The District 13-3A championship comes down to this game between 4-0 teams. Paris hasn't been challenged through their four district games and are aiming for their third straight district championship. L-E won 2 of their district games by a lot of points, beat NL by 10 and escaped with a 3-point win over Atlanta last week. Paris and L-E will be the district's Division 1 representatives in the playoffs, so this one will decide the seeding there too. So who wins this one?
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