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  1. Henderson is down 2 starting OL this week and it’s hurting the offense in a bad way.
  2. Henderson’s D will make adjustments from last. They missed several tackles. The offense didn’t really start scoring till the 2nd half. They have a lot of weapons. I think it will be a much closer game than the majority thinks. QB didn’t play much in the 2nd half due to cramps and they still put up several points.
  3. Henderson coaches are making sure they know who can play, no reason to try and win a scrimmage. When Henderson had their first team O on the field they moved the ball. When the QB is able to run it will open everything up. Their starting RB's got very few snaps last night. And the TD Nac scored was on the 2s on the very last play of the live quarters. Henderson was down 2 DL last night and missing 1-2 starting LB. The D made big strides since last weeks scrimmage. They were running a few sophomores on D and I think even a freshman DL. Home opener against Hallsville will be a better indicator.
  4. Henderson played without their best DL last night which would have made a big difference stopping the running back. They also had a LB down on JV that just came back and he will be probably the best LB on varsity when they move him up. Rotated a lot of players last night but Henderson’s running game and OL play has improved. QB is going to be a good one.
  5. It was was never a guarantee the wife was coming to Henderson "this year". I think she had several players returning next year. Several were juniors. And the boys are already here. Alumni needs to check his sources because they have been wrong alot lately.
  6. Incorrect. But if you are not a fan of the recent moves I'm sure that is what you are trying to sell.
  7. I would enjoy seeing a poll. You would be surprised.
  8. "We the people"? I don't think its all the people.
  9. Down slide in athletes?? Henderson had several athletes on varsity, several juniors. Freshman had several athletes. Records don’t always speak for ability or potential. Coaching has a lot to do with that. Building relationships with players where they want to play for you can turn that around fast. 7th and 8th were loaded this year. Little off on your statement. Or maybe a lot.
  10. I think he played a big part in hiring the head coach in Desoto that won it all in 2016. Looks to me like he is pretty good at making coaching hires.
  11. That would be a sweet deal. Don’t think that’s the case. They will hire 1 AD for all sports. Funny how bitter people keep making up their own narratives and everything is “what they are hearing”.
  12. So a Sup isn’t allowed to make changes?
  13. You saw him watching cameras in his office? Or that’s what you were told? So are assistant sups not qualified to be an AD? Serious question.
  14. I agree 100%. The 2016 team was very good. The team was missing their top DL for that game but that is in the past. I think every team has been living in the shadows of Carthage over the last several years. Henderson also went 4 rounds deep in 2017 and 2018. That typically mean a team has had success.
  15. Or family members getting a job in the district?? Like I said HISD just doesn't have players transferring out.
  16. Way more to the story on this. Funny how people think they have it all figured out.
  17. Henderson dosnt have players transferring out of district. Henderson's enrollment this year has increased.
  18. Henderson went virtual because we had teachers out. Not because we had a lot of students out. So Spring Hill will send everyone else from other sports but not Varsity Football? Doesnt make sense. Especially when Henderson is not battling cases in the football program.
  19. Henderson shut down for 2 weeks to get some of teachers back at the high school. People arnt lining up to substitute for any school this year. In fact high school students that need to can still go to the school for internet access, breakfast, and, lunch. The shut down of in person classes had nothing to do with student cases. Henderson never had close to 100 cases, that's ridiculous. In fact Spring Hill is still bringing their middle school football teams to Henderson to play and their varsity Volleyball team. Henderson dosnt have any covid issues in high school football program. So Spring Hills decision to cancel the varsity football game makes zero sense.
  20. Some moved, some didn’t like competing, and some got into trouble. I guess that’s the best way to put it. There wasn’t structure. He put in structure and not all kids can handle it. Paul Pewitt will continue to do well.
  21. You probably heard someone connected to year 2 of his Overton stint. The year after he took them 2 rounds deep in the playoffs and then had several starters quit before year 2 started. Nashville Dosnt just hire anyone and he walked right in and took the DC job there. Y’all made an excellent hire.
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