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  1. thanks for bringing your 7th grade team all the way to Garrison.Maybe in the future we can return that game. We try to keep our 7th grade a game each week but some of our district foes do not seem to have one.
  2. when you basically graduate the whole starting unit makes it tough.the rams will be ok expect a good game friday
  3. chester new waverly woodville jasper garrison west sabine timpson diboll hemphill newton leveretts chapel mexia rice consolidated waskom nacogdoches lufkin
  4. in answer to your questions if they want to no yes and possibly before halftime
  5. usually a lot of smack talk on this game.where is everybody
  6. cushing west hardin newton dibol jasper jefferson hempstead deweville acadian christain garrison timpson groveton lovelady shelbyville kipp hemphill coldspring madisonville east texas home school malakoff frankston elkhart tidehaven carlisle forney nacogdoches new diana west orange stark
  7. bussey qb 2 tds around 70 yds each
  8. they played 4 but the last one was 6 minutes. numbers 11 and 23 were good players also
  9. turned into a band and concession stand thread lol
  10. overton cushing chester hunnington woodville franklin centerville coldspring anderson shiro garrison groveton hardin lovelady anahuac timpson west sabine dibol kirbyville west orange stark oakwood rice harleton elkhart rice consolidated longview chapel hill
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