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  1. So when you say “next victim” were you talking about the next victim you were going to bash as a LO coach? Cause earlier you were talking about him leaving Frisco for a dumpster fire. Now you act like your the National Enquirer with all the facts on the guy. And he’s a poor choice. The dumpster fire ain’t the coaches there. It’s the people who coach from the bleachers and Smoaky. If it were just the kids and coaches it would be fine. Y’all murk the water there. Everyone within 60 miles knows it.
  2. This whole thread is like a big whine box for everyone that doesn’t get their way. Get some tissues. Quit talking about how things will effect kids. That’s a cop out. Sounds good to say. But just cause he or she ain’t your pick don’t mean the worlds gonna end. Grow the hell up.
  3. You can throw whatever history up there you want. But everyone knows you can only do what you can within your situation. Been plenty of coaches ride a good group of talent to make a name for themselves. Been plenty of great coaches lose their good name for not.
  4. I believe every head coach should have the opportunity to see the freshmen class though that was there when they started. When you coach, the freshmen are who you molded through your program. If you can’t get things done in 4 years then then it’s time to move on. How long has the ne guy been there?
  5. What grade level are these athletes in you speak of?
  6. Yea, when people get fed up some just don’t ever show back up.
  7. Oh I thought you said he was an AD/Head Coach. Does he have a winning track record?
  8. Is the candidate you said so much about one with many successful seasons as head coach?
  9. Is the candidate you said so much about one with many successful seasons as head coach?
  10. Wow blesseddaily you seem to really know your stuff. This sounds great. What’s their track record of winning?
  11. Bottom line is this. Coach Cooper taught 40 boys the other day what responsibility was. He taught 40 boys that nothing is more important than loyalty. He let 40 young men know that he would take heart and loyalty over talent. He made more of an impact leaving the field and making his point than staying there. Regardless if it takes away the wins, regardless of what loop hole you can try to find other than that was just the right thing to do, he made a lasting impression beyond football. I wish we had more coaches like him. Greenville needs him. He's a God send. End of story.
  12. So basically, I wouldnt have been right either way. I hope when I become a salty vet I will say something that makes a little sense. You know your stuff applebutter, I'll give you that. Your a sure Hall of Famer. Silly me for starting a thread no one would want to comment on. Rookie mistake.
  13. So your telling me the approval of the US presidents have not been on the steady decline? I never heard anyone say anything bad about FDR. Ever. You can Google George W Bush, Bill Clinton, and Barak Obama and the first thing you will see is a negative response.
  14. Make sure you read the fine print, when you quote somebody. This isnt a Support Obama topic. Its a general thought. I even put Bush on there for you. Perhaps your response (speaking without thinking) is the majorities. I think that answers the entire question all together. I hope thats a credible response. Sincerely, Goat Boy
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