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  1. Yes, I think you have mentioned that numerous times on this site.
  2. How many SC's does he have? Better question is how many would they have if Jones was still there?
  3. Were they not up in the game until they made a pitching change? I look at it like this, PG DOMINATED LE this year and Celina DOMINATED PG. That's what one gamers get you. Flat out luck! Saying that Fowler and especially Craig have done a very good job! Jones is a bad boy when it comes to baseball. Now, go play Sinton somewhere in the tournament.
  4. Yep, watched them give it away. Good luck to LE at state.
  5. https://txhighschoolbaseball.com/featured_news/sintons-blake-mitchell-repeats-as-gatorade-texas-baseball-player-of-the-year/
  6. I'm predicting a Celina vs Sinton final in 4A. Both have too much D1 pitching.
  7. Taylor 3 China Spring 0 China Spring 12 Taylor 1 China Spring 14 Taylor 6 (CHINA SPRING ADVANCES)
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