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  1. If Timpson brings their "A" game they will beat Cooper like a rented mule.
  2. Not East Texas but I've been able to watch both teams play. This game will be LOADED with athletes led by Drelon Miller from Silsbee. Give me Silsbee by 10.
  3. Just curious, what makes you think that way?
  4. If CH plays their "B" game this should be at least a CH win by 14.
  5. Let's all hope Ch wins. After all, they are the best team in region 3.
  6. Region 3 is a joke besides CH. If you think different, you're a joke to facts. N/M , you always have been with all the SC's in baseball you have predicted. So, N/M what I said in the first sentence.
  7. Even to you Dims......Hopefully us fellow Repubs were able to help y'all enjoy this special time since we work and pay all the taxes for yall's free ride . All kidding aside, Happy Thanksgiving!
  8. ^^ I think he butchered who y'all were referring to. Looks like he was talking about Preston maybe?
  9. Looks like rain for this contest. Who will adjust the best? Opinions?
  10. Yea I'm a little confused on that one myself. I just don't see Weigman going anywhere. Now if for some reason he chooses straight baseball that's a different deal as we all know.
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