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  1. How did the EF wide out look tonight for Carthage ? Think he wears #88 at CARTHAGE I didn’t get to see or listen to the game.
  2. Wild he knows who they playing this week lol he finally learned his lesson.
  3. I agree but WR will always be soft and you can’t stop Waskom unless you can match their physicality and I have seen WR play at least 1 game each of the past 3 years including 1 game this season they are the same team they always are and that won’t cut it unless Waskom turns ball over 3+ times the Wildcats roll.
  4. Waskom just has WR number !!! It’s mental and raiders won’t overcome that this year either. Give me Waskom in a beat down of the raiders as usual 32-7 wildcats move on. I actually think all 3 teams from our district move on to round 3.
  5. Seen both teams up close this season I think DF is to explosive but they need to come out early and front run don’t need it close late. I am taking DF but I think they get a scare early in game DF 42 DK 31
  6. Waskom is a Different Team in the playoffs and they still have enough kids from the past 2 runs in the playoffs to get a 1st round win !! Give me Waskom 32-20 over Hornets.
  7. Waskom wins and this game won’t be close at all. To much Speed and wildcats just to physical for Harmony all you have to do is stop the QB run and Scramble plays and Harmony has no offense. Waskom - 42 Harmony - 14
  8. that first one he had knocked the WR down to get to the ball it was PI all day. Don’t remember the second one I thought they gave it to him.
  9. Yes and they not marking off the yardage right either lol
  10. I like the over also but I like the Jackets +36 it’s Homecoming in tigertown they want to go party so they will run the ball more than usual trying to get game over with.
  11. Can we pass the Transfer Policy tonight is the real Question.
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