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  1. Point I was trying to make is EF has lost around 20 or more kids since the number was turned in but people that Sleep on the YellowJackets usually get Stung !! #
  2. Have lost a big senior class and breaking in a New Coach. Class sizes have shrunk and the numbers are way down I bet when school starts our number is closer to 225 instead of the 248 they turned in. But EF is has been a winning program the past few years going deep in playoffs just 2 seasons ago and making it to the 2nd round last year with several injuries. This will be a rebuild year not a Re-load for the Jackets. They will Fight and surprise some people I am sure #JacketPride
  3. That’s good to hear ! Glad some of them stayed. I expect Waskom and EF to fall off some but that’s just my opinion.
  4. With what coming back? They lost like 15 or more seniors they lost C, QB & WR to Tatum. They lost 2 kids who went back to Marshall and I heard 3 of the incoming freshman moved/Transferred out as well. They only returning 2 offensive players that’s going to be hard to recover from. Not only did Keeling leave but his departure gutted the program of coaches and players. I almost feel bad for them but we got our own problems in EF
  5. If it was 70 kids there you counting girls and Middle School kids also ! There is a good number of kids participating though hopefully they have a good season.
  6. I know he was on campus several times and was interviewed the first go around yes.
  7. Witchita Falls Hirschi OC Justin Crow is new AD/HC at EF
  8. Someone else seen him in Longview ? Lol got a friend seen him today.
  9. They are not hiring a Re-Hire unless it is Castles but I am pretty sure he is happy in GW
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