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  1. Tatum only had 1 really good pitcher and their coach decided to pull him after the delay at only 50 pitches and winning 2-1 turned out to be a bad decision as Gunter only had 2 hits off of him. The only reason to flip for 1 game was so he could pitch so not sure why they pulled him unless he just couldn’t get warmed back up to pitch but lost the whole advantage of the 1 game series as soon as they pulled him. Russell is a great coach but I am sure some the fans are wondering what he was thinking. Great season Eagles.
  2. District 16-AAA is still making some noise in round 2. Tatum swept Winnsboro 2-0 with a 6-3 win EF tied up Atlanta 1-1 with a 3-1 win West Rusk is tied 1-1 with DeKalb with a 4-3 loss. couple of Game 3’s coming up Tomorrow.
  3. I think he is around 33 innings pitched give or take a couple.
  4. District might be down but DF is very well coached and they just eliminated a Troup team that was 21-7 and 2 of those losses are to DF. DF hits the ball well and they don’t stop competing and like I said they are coached up really well. They got a tough draw in second round in Harmony but wouldn’t be surprised if they make games closer than some think.
  5. They won their district got swept by a 4Seed I think District 16 just been slept on all season.
  6. District 16-3A showing out in round 1 with 3 sweeps !! Tatum sweeps White Oak Elysian Fields Sweeps Gladewater West Rusk sweeps New Diana Troup has tied series 1-1
  7. EF takes game 1 over Gladewater 7-3 District 16 starts off 3-1 in game 1 matchups with District 15. Tatum 10-0 over White Oak Elysian Fields 7-3 over Gladewater West Rusk 3-0 over New Diana Troup lost 5-4 against Daingefield
  8. Elysian Fields has won 8 of there last 10 games and just walked off Tatum 5-4 in 11 innings with a Suicide Squeeze play to break Tatum 19 Game District Win streak !! Don’t let the Jackets Get HOT!! #JacketsWinAgain
  9. EF was 2-2 this week counting the opening day loss to Marshall but gave that game away allowing 5 runs via errors they was winning 4-0 and just couldn’t stop hurting themselves and same thing in White Oak game it was 3-1 before EF made a couple errors. Interested to see how they play Tuesday night against #16 Carthage in EF.
  10. excited about the realignment to get to watch some Good Baseball matchups with Garrison in the years to come.
  11. Elysian Fields has 10 starters returning this baseball season and for the first time in 2 seasons they have seniors on this team. They dealt with Tragedy last season had to cancel 6-8 games and didn’t start season till district play and still almost made the playoffs. Led by 10 upperclassman and some talented sophomores. This team is capable of really making some noise this season if they can stay healthy. Looking forward to Games against 5A Marshall, 2A state champ Harleton, 4A #16 Carthage in the first 2 weeks of the season. GATA!!!! FEAR THE SWARM!!!!
  12. You do realize EF beat Waskom by double digits last year right ? Both teams bringing back a lot of the same players so this prediction seems a little uneducated. Neither team will be favored to beat Beckville.
  13. This district reminds me of the districts of old except for Hawkins and Big Sandy but everyone else has been district rivals with EF before.
  14. Some really talented 8th grade kids coming into HS next year but numbers getting smaller so just have to see how it goes.
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