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  1. Someone needs to take that decision out of his hands hopefully a coach or parent. If cleared then play if not don’t risk it.
  2. Glad you still excited about getting that revenge a couple weeks ago it don’t change the fact that Waskom fixing to kick that *** !!
  3. Waskom wins by 35 and yes I know about all the DF weapons but also seen how they play without Lewis and I don’t think he will play nor should he !! That young man has a bright future. If he plays Waskom still wins but only by 14. Good luck to both teams !!
  4. Good luck to both Teams !! Hope both teams come away injury free. Final Prediction is Wildcats win 46-30
  5. Well Waskom been playing starters in all games for 4 Qtrs that’s why scores are so lopsided so they should be used to playing lol
  6. I heard 2-3 weeks which would be this week possibly for one if not both but things change everyday guess just depends on who you talk too lol
  7. Newton is to one dimensional to beat Waskom. Wouldn’t be surprised if the soccer coach hasn’t had them practicing for Newton since the district season ended knowing this game was coming sooner than later. I think it’s close for a little while but turnovers and Waskom a ability to score quick in their style of offense will be the difference.
  8. Yeah should be a quick game but I think the soccer coach will have them prepared as much as I dislike Waskom this years version is way better than last years.
  9. Not really they got #15 who to me is as good or better than FB that’s hurt and #11 is big but they won’t miss him that much and he might play his injury wasn’t that bad a cut to his hand someone said but could be wrong.
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