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  1. I know he was on campus several times and was interviewed the first go around yes.
  2. Witchita Falls Hirschi OC Justin Crow is new AD/HC at EF
  3. Someone else seen him in Longview ? Lol got a friend seen him today.
  4. They are not hiring a Re-Hire unless it is Castles but I am pretty sure he is happy in GW
  5. That’s why we getting a new Superintendent ! They might not admit to it but that’s the reason there was no sense of urgency even When had the right hire ready to go. Search is going more smooth now should have a name next week.
  6. No I didn’t laugh just didn’t know who he was. I have heard some Waskom fans say they would of liked to see if could of gotten someone better.
  7. Naw that’s just the Wildcats only they would of made that Hire. I would of thought they could of done better.
  8. Yeah got a lot of friends on the Tatum team they are the favorite in our district this year
  9. They always tough in baseball
  10. Good news is Huey & Burns and the boys looking tough in baseball
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