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  1. Tatum prob just had a off night when they played Troup seems to be only explanation right ?
  2. We should just drop basketball and concentrate on off season Football and baseball
  3. Tatum jefferson troup EF - the freshman will help here too. Arp who cares !
  4. Asking for prayers for our #4 he left game in second quarter on crutches from a knee injury. Game was so good I know most people prob didn’t notice he wasn’t out there unless you was a EF fan but hoping he gets a good report but couldn’t put weight on it tonight.
  5. Congrats on the win Wildcats ! Helluva game by both teams. Give them hell rest of the way Wildcats !
  6. Just enjoying the atmosphere man this is great for both Communities! I have said I think it’s a 2 score game EF 41 Waskom 27
  7. I think we just trying to be civil lol nobody wants to get a 30 day vacation lol
  8. I think EF still has tickets available check the EFISD website @JETT they had a code on them but by now they should be open to anyone I would think of still need a code call the school in morning and they should give you the code.
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