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  1. Hard to compare JV for a barometer because EF has 6 freshman playing varsity 4 of those Start and at least that many sophomores playing and starting as well so the EF JV is not what it would normally be. Now if all those kids was on JV it would prob be a good test of who will be better down the road but all the experience those freshman and sophomore are getting on varsity this year win or lose they will be used to the speed of the game for the years to come.
  2. Lol maybe but it was just good to see the team we been seeing in spurts finally put it together from start to finish. I more excited about EF execution on both sides of the ball than I was with the win.
  3. Not sure but it’s a good thing he won’t have to find out this year! Go Jackets!!
  4. Final EF - 49 QC- 10 way to play Jackets !!!
  5. EF finally played as a team last night and for 4 Qtrs and come away with a much needed win. Now I realize it was QC but EF played fast and with a confidence they haven’t shown this year if they can repeat that I think it can be a good game. I just tired of playing this Game in Waskom seems like the 4th time in 5 yrs we have played in Waskom.
  6. They are 3-1 but I could argue that EF would be 4-0 with same schedule. EF is 0-4 for the first time in a LONG time but the combined records of those schools is like 11-4 or something like that. The combined records of teams that QC has played is like 4-11 so I am thinking that EF finally gets in the win column this week.
  7. It’s Homecoming week in EF and the Jackets need a win. #JacketPride
  8. I think HS comes away with the Win here !
  9. Not as bad as some want you to think but it is first time in a long time that they are this young but they starting to figure it out just need to put it together for a full 4Qtrs.
  10. I agree I don’t think they have going back to at least 95’ I don’t remember them ever going 0-4
  11. EF is extremely young and don’t have much depth I would imagine it goes much like the other games have gone for EF they will compete for 2 maybe 3 Qtrs and then run out of gas but they will continue to fight and hopefully pull out the Win #JacketPride
  12. Halftime 21-20 EF leads at the Break
  13. Dragons fumble the Return and Jackets get ball Back !!
  14. 21-12 EF after another YellowJacket TD !! 3:43 left in 2nd
  15. 7-6 EF with 3:26 to go in 1st Quarter
  16. He would come back tomorrow if he could so I don’t think your right on that one. I think he was burnt out 9yrs in one place is a long time I expect him to recharge battery and be coaching again soon somewhere.
  17. Prediction time I say : EF- 27 SVille- 13 let’s Go Jackets !! Time to get that first W this season.
  18. This Staff is expected to win also! EF has played well for 3 Qtrs the last 2 weeks and then fall apart I think that is more to do with youth and inexperience than Coaching. But I will say EF needs to be able to score points at a better clip than they are to have success this season but they also have a Oline that is learning on the fly literally 1 guy returned and they have arguably the best Olineman in the school walking the halls and not playing this season. Their is a lot to look at when you talk EF Football this year. But I not going to make excuses the Yellow Jackets are always suppose to win it is very much Expected.
  19. Got a bunch of friends in Harleton but I think WO finds a way to pull this out.
  20. They only got 1 returning starter on the Oline from last year. And I think 6 kids on offense that never took a varsity Snap till they played Atlanta only question is how long till they figure it out cause nobody going to give them anything. EF has lost 6 Starters that have transferred to Marshall and Carthage that are not only playing but starting at those schools over the past 2 seasons that’s hard to overcome when you also lose like 17 seniors. I think they will figure it out just need some experience.
  21. EF needs to get a Win this week to help this Young Team flip the switch. Who ya Got ? can we get a poll please.
  22. I think he is referring to the 14-6 score and EF had the Ball after forcing a 3 and out and then the pick 6 changed the game. If you don’t want to call it a struggle that’s cool cause DK walked off with it in the 4th but what he is saying is true both teams Defenses was controlling the game Till the pick 6 then DK couldn’t be stopped. Dekalb has some hard nosed kids that play hard and a couple good RB’s good luck this season.
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