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  1. I ain’t going to lie I went to EF 97’- 00’ football seasons and if you had told me Waskom would win 1 much less 2 before EF had won State I would of laughed in your face cause back then Waskom was lucky to win a game. Not hating just how it was back then.
  2. I like the back and forth and with both teams being so good it only makes it more exciting I think it’s crazy the success both programs have had only 9 miles apart or so. There a lot of stories of stuff between both schools over the years of pranks or whatever to get kids fired up.
  3. I haven’t seen anyone make fun of Timpson loss they are a great Team. I think what people are pointing to from that game is that they exposed some weaknesses in Waskoms game and have seen some lesser opponents have some success just not sustain it enough to do anything. I think besides Timpson that EF is only team on Waskom Schedule that they have to actually play a full 4qtrs against and let the best team win. I fully respect Timpson and Waskom both but since it’s rivalry week I will just say this WASKOM SUXS !!!
  4. BIGILL79 has another son that when you see him Friday night you will think he is a twin except he is already bigger and faster as a freshman lol always enjoy your thoughts Wild but EF winning this game.
  5. Your right EF should of blown them out but couldn’t stop turning ball over it happens
  6. What’s the Over/Under for total # of Personal Fouls/ Unsportsmanlike penalties in this game ? I going to say around 10 prob 5 for both teams.
  7. They gave up 20 to Harleton last year too and still spanked that wildcat Butt !! I don’t see your point here.
  8. Only a Waskom fan would make that comparison from what I said no I just saying good Teams find a way to win when you play your worst. Waskom has had 1 game that went 4 Qtrs so if this game is close or they are losing late I don’t think they can handle it mentally they will start picking fights and acting like they did last year just implode.
  9. No Ford had Covid and we was starting a Freshman on road and we was winning 14-6 for 3 quarters but had 2 TO inside our own 20 to allow them to score. Harmony had less than 200 total yards that game. If Ford was calling plays we win that game.
  10. EF had like 8 turnovers in that game and was worst game of season and we still won what happened in Waskom worst game of season ? Keep thinking it’s going to be blowout it makes the crow you got to eat even better.
  11. And EF should of won by a couple scores in playoffs last year but what is suppose to happen goes out the window when you playing your rival.
  12. Even you don’t believe that ! I hope Waskom players are as overly confident as their Fans are that way panic will set in when EF is winning. Waskom better take the ball first if not they will be playing catch up all game.
  13. I told you other day I figured yal would win but once I picked them like 3 weeks ago to win didn’t want to crawfish on it Good Job WR
  14. I hope when EF beats Waskom next week again and wins District 11 they can crack the top 10 in 3A Div2.
  15. If they can move the ball on yal running it they will kill the clock and be hard to get up 3 scores I can see this game going either way but because I am stubborn I still going to stick with Eagles in a close good game to prepare both Squads for playoffs.
  16. HS should win this game but I could see it being closer than the Mustangs want it to be possibly. Good luck to both teams
  17. they Feeling confident hmmm naw still going with them Tigers.
  18. Elysian Fields Soph. Dravian Rather 22 carries 170 yards 3TD’s 1 Rec 13 yards in a 55-3 Win over NewDiana
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