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  1. 4 hours ago, Wild74 said:

    We did lose a C, QB & WR to Tatum, but on the other hand our new line coach from Wolfe City brings his son who is a two year starter at QB running both the spread and option offense. Our big FB Hamilton is back and our line is going to be very big again. One young man who was suspended last year will be back and he can be very good if his head is on right. Smith did not move to Marshall he is still in Waskom and was working out Monday morning along with Stephens, Davis, Morris and Washington all speedsters, also the three very good Freshman where also there. We do have another move in that also looks like beast and can't forget Agundiz. I look for Waskom to still be very good but Daingerfield will be the team to beat in our district. 

    That’s good to hear ! Glad some of them stayed.  I expect Waskom and EF to fall off some but that’s just my opinion. 

  2. On 6/5/2022 at 10:23 PM, Valhalla said:

    Waskom is still the solid #2 team in that district next year IMO. 

    With what coming back? They lost like 15 or more seniors they lost C, QB & WR to Tatum.  They lost 2 kids who went back to Marshall and I heard 3 of the incoming freshman moved/Transferred out as well.  They only returning 2 offensive players that’s going to be hard to recover from. Not only did Keeling leave but his departure gutted the program of coaches and players.   I almost feel bad for them but we got our own problems in EF 😂

  3. If it was 70 kids there you counting girls and Middle School kids also ! There is a good number of kids participating though hopefully they have a good season. 

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  4. 2 hours ago, ArmchairOC said:

    1.) Eric King

    2.) Benny Mitchell

    If you have a technicality that makes you right and me wrong go right ahead. Mitchell may have 13-1 and not 14-1 in 1997. I was little back then, so if you have the fact check you win bud. It completely disproves my point that EF has ran off good coaches and also had some really good coaches come and go after 2-3 years. 

    Also Patton after going to State lol 

  5. Just now, MattStepp said:

    Confirmed its Coach Crow...congrats to him....funny thing word is Coach Crow was on the original list of finalists that were presented before all hell broke loose with the supt resigning etc...this probably could have been wrapped up a month ago

    I know he was on campus several times and was interviewed the first go around yes. 

  6. 4 hours ago, JacketNation said:

    Morris is at Allen High School

    Tyner is the supt at Martin's Mill

    Castles is a possible candidate. Highly unlikely.

    Patton is the head coach at Kerens. Possible candidate

    Parker is the head principal at EF and a possible candidate to the be the next Supt. 

    King is in administration in the Houston area

    I would guess it would be Castles or Patton. My money is on Patton. 


    He didn’t even get an interview 

  7. 23 hours ago, MattStepp said:

    I've been involved in coaching searches and in zero instances does it take 3-4 months to find a new HFC/AD...there's no excuse for that and reflects mismanagement and a lack of accountability inside of the district

    That’s why we getting a new Superintendent ! They might not admit to it but that’s the reason there was no sense of urgency even When had the right hire ready to go.  Search is going more smooth now should have a name next week. 

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  8. 2 hours ago, Rowebot said:

    Heard they were interviewing some guy named Slott Chevy??????????? Re-tire rehire used to work there or something? maybe taking a  play from waskom. Must really be ready getting slim on the applicants

    Naw that’s just the Wildcats only they would of made that Hire.  I would of thought they could of done better. 

  9. 5 hours ago, Eagle8 said:

    We still got a few in hoops but Tatum should be pretty good. Reese Milam 1 hit Beckville the other night in a 3-0 win. Returned 8 starters and the whole pitching staff. Beckville should be pretty rowdy this year as well. 

    Yeah got a lot of friends on the Tatum team they are the favorite in our district this year 

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