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  1. I played Oline for Morris I understand a whole hell of a lot more than you think. But nobody wants to see 3yards and cloud of dust anymore not even fans of teams that win enjoy watching it.
  2. If that other one don’t matter we will take him at EF !! Pretty good baseball player
  3. I enjoy watching a team with a good passing game and rushing attack just a preference.
  4. It’s way more than 2 kids just wait and see
  5. Guess we will supply the football team since yours is in Tatum
  6. Well I don’t normally take pictures with every person I meet that’s kinda weird.
  7. They had over 70 applicants I think the candidate pool is fine. And some that had previously pulled name with new leadership are back in play.
  8. There is a process that’s why there is no meeting tonight they are following protocol with the SI stepping down it changed the process.
  9. Don’t be mad cause your coach was in town last week
  10. I was hoping us and Waskom would of went south to yals district like we did back a while ago.
  11. Don’t let my Truck parked in the AD spot confuse you it’s just closer to the Baseball Field.
  12. I think your mis informed the board don’t meet till the 14th.
  13. Ok ok FINE !!! I will take the job and @DeBerryJacket can run the offense and I will call the Defense and run the show. We will retain the OL coach and Kicking coach. Everyone else can leave ASAP rest of the staff is pending board approval.
  14. That’s terrible ! A parents worst nightmare I will be praying for the family and all the Alto Community.
  15. Should be ! Going to be a big game every week.
  16. I think he talking about Queen City lol
  17. that was so hard to figure out lol I haven’t heard that name but could be
  18. I didn’t say it don’t work or it can’t win games I just said I didn’t want to watch it
  19. That’s interesting cause I was told he has been to EF several times and was on short list but what do I know. I hope your right cause like I said previously I do not want to watch EF run Slot T !
  20. I think we should have a Name if not a coach by the end of Next week or so I have heard. This could and should of been handled better and faster with all the time EF admin had to look for a replacement. Just hoping when the Hire is made waiting all this time will be worth it but I am not going to bet on it.
  21. That’s a good point I guess. Sometimes location and talent dictate scheme more than anything.
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