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  1. Ok well I am sure he is a good guy but I hope we don’t change to that offensive scheme !!
  2. Who is Wade Lawson ? Heard he was in town other day
  3. I think Timpson coach is compensated fairly well. EF is only going to pay around $85,000 a yr.
  4. A YellowJacket when pist off turns a orange color or so all Jackets have been told lol
  5. How we do that we got no AD/HC but I totally believe it.
  6. Is Joaquin and EF playing again this year ?
  7. Well they was suppose to play Harmony and DF but those are now District teams so they will have to be replaced on schedule. Would be nice to have an AD/HC picking who he would like to replace them with but so far all we got is a big ol ? With admins that are dragging their feet with a hire. The really interesting part is several candidates have wanted the job after interviewing but can’t get any response from said Admins. Only thing we can do is Hurry up and wait.
  8. There was more freshman and sophomores on Varsity than they have had in last 20 years is part of that problem but it was bad I agree
  9. EF prob will slip a little bit has a good bit coming back. Waskom losing more than coaches is the big problem they lost entire OL, Feaster & Thomas at RB, Both Watson boys one to graduation and the QB is going to Tatum, also hearing of an OL and possibly a WR going to Tatum as well coaches kids. That’s a lot to overcome while breaking in a new system and Coach.
  10. ? Is the front runner so far laughing so I don’t cry honestly.
  11. That’s funny same reason we lost the best choice ! Lack of communication!!
  12. It’s a shame that he has been allowed to stay in the Admin building this long he has run the entire district into the ground! He needs to be held accountable and Fired immediately. No excuse to mess this up other than flat out incompetence and failure to do the job he is appointed to do. Board needs to address this ASAP.
  13. Won’t get any argument from me on that lol and you act like I didn’t know that !! That’s why I said the best hire SINCE Chad Morris but since we being honest Chad did get EF and several other Schools to Jerry’s World so let’s not act like he rode anyone’s coat tails lol Morris would of won State with that 97’ team going away.
  14. I guarantee it will surprise some people and all he does is WIN everywhere he goes.
  15. If the board and supe do what’s expected I got a feeling this might be the best hire EF has made since Chad Morris ! #JacketPride
  16. Not from EF lol but I heard the Transfer portal hit Waskom pretty hard
  17. They have narrowed it down to 3 names 1.) Joe Brady 2.) Ed Orgeron 3.) Chad Morris board votes sometime before May
  18. Heck no I heard it’s Joe Brady or at least a guy from south Lousiana
  19. Not to far off on the Sean Payton siting he has some similarities to the GUY the board should approve soon.
  20. @quickshot someone sent me this and said it looked like @Timboslice79 all jokes aside I feel bad for yal cause he even taking the Janitors from Waskom he ain’t leaving nothing.
  21. I don’t think any of our previous football staff is being retained I think it’s going to be a New AD that can bring in his people and start fresh. But that could just be a rumor lol
  22. Must be nice to have leadership that knows who they want ! How to get him and then brings him in within a weeks time I know a few places that could learn a thing or two
  23. He normally doesn’t schedule hard teams pre district if you go back and look at Waskoms schedules they normally play down a classification or 2. Even the Timpson game last season wasn’t a scheduled game. I not saying nothing wrong with it either he is building kids confidence by winning and usually winning big but normally in past he takes the easier pre district games. I would expect the same thing but prob will try to schedule teams he is use to playing like EF or WR teams like that.
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