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  1. I know that but I didn’t see anything during that game to worry me really even when he was in he wasn’t effective and DF had no answer for #5 yal tried putting all your DB’s on him and he burnt them all and nobody wanted to tackle #11
  2. Going to take a team with quick passes and a good fundamental Defense that plays it’s keys and does their job don’t forget the pitch man lol
  3. Yeah they are !! our team kinda laid down once our QB got hurt at that time it was still a game they won’t admit it but the first half was very competitive should of been 21-14 at half we had ball on 1 yrd line couldn’t punch it in before half and coming out of half we had like 6 starters come out the game I not making excuses they whipped us second half but game should of been closer and they can be beat but you will have to play your best game to do it.
  4. Ain’t nobody scared of DF lol especially a team that already whipped them once Hoping to see WR in round 3 vs my YellowJackets !
  5. I am taking Hooks mainly just aggravate @Nick2011 lol good luck to both teams !
  6. I don’t know much about NW but if they pass a lot they could give HS problems but if they turn ball over or have penalties and don’t score when they have chances HS will kill the clock and they are hard to tackle got a big QB and RB’s. I going to take HS mainly cause they from District 11. I going to say 24-20 good luck to both teams.
  7. you so full of it yal didn’t have 7 kids on the sidelines much less 7 kids not playing get real yal didn’t make excuses when it happened don’t make them now.
  8. DF got whipped plain and simple. then in 4th they put Lewis in to try and spark a comeback and he was sacked on like every play but 1 in the two series he got at QB. EF defense played well and they had no answer for 11 and 5.
  9. Technically yeah ! Am I as confident after a game like that no but I will always support my Jackets ! I was on a EF team that lost 3 games in regular season finished 2nd in district and then got hot and went all the way to State it can happen.
  10. I have already eaten my crow @quickshotserved it up with Tony’s and hot sauce ! Waskom looks to have a shot this year if can stay healthy.
  11. Not really sure what happened he just come out from half in street clothes. I am sure we will hear more this week on what injury was.
  12. We will see I think the freshman looked fine considering he got thrown in there after watching his brother get hurt. I actually thought he played well.
  13. When we whipped your teams asssss then you can’t talk them the rules and you know it !
  14. Nope they just practiced for yal all week and then caught that fumble bug lol
  15. Man we have argued on here long enough to know that was without our coach and playcaller and was a different QB also had some out sick was a completely different team and still should of won game if had Ford there calling plays.
  16. Going to give my prediction to the game tonight I think EF shows Region 3 that the team that whipped DF is the real EF and they separate from Waskom tonight and win back to back District titles!! I say EF 34 - WHS 26 praying for safe travels for everyone and a Great game tonight hope it’s a classic that goes right along with the great games last year. #JacketPride
  17. Don’t Troll you know EF is in that Hunt as well !! Seeing as how we done took DF to the woodshed and about to open a can on Waskom tonight.
  18. I ain’t going to lie I went to EF 97’- 00’ football seasons and if you had told me Waskom would win 1 much less 2 before EF had won State I would of laughed in your face cause back then Waskom was lucky to win a game. Not hating just how it was back then.
  19. I like the back and forth and with both teams being so good it only makes it more exciting I think it’s crazy the success both programs have had only 9 miles apart or so. There a lot of stories of stuff between both schools over the years of pranks or whatever to get kids fired up.
  20. I haven’t seen anyone make fun of Timpson loss they are a great Team. I think what people are pointing to from that game is that they exposed some weaknesses in Waskoms game and have seen some lesser opponents have some success just not sustain it enough to do anything. I think besides Timpson that EF is only team on Waskom Schedule that they have to actually play a full 4qtrs against and let the best team win. I fully respect Timpson and Waskom both but since it’s rivalry week I will just say this WASKOM SUXS !!!
  21. BIGILL79 has another son that when you see him Friday night you will think he is a twin except he is already bigger and faster as a freshman lol always enjoy your thoughts Wild but EF winning this game.
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