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  1. I would argue they got more than 2 I promise you Freshman Chris Smith is a D1 player if he don't suffer a serious injury over next 3 years how many freshman run for 800 yards and 14 TD's and will add to that total if EF keeps playing could break 1,000 if they advance he is 15 yrs old think about that a min your looking at just seniors I am assuming there will be a few D1 players on both sides that's a promise !
  2. True That and if I am wrong I will eat my crow with a nice big DR pepper lol
  3. doubtful Yal act like Div1 is harder or something all that means is the enrollment of kids at EF and Newton we have both been in D1 at different times that means nothing to me best ball this year played in D2
  4. that's only 2 scores that's plenty respect I think it's back and forth all night with EF scoring late to kinda put it away we would of beat kirbyville by 50 just a little FYI
  5. right and we could of scored 100 on Leon if they had left Logan in the game and throwed ball more . Hell for the season we got 3 RB's over 500 yards rushing and add another 700 from the QB plus one them RB's is a freshman that leads the team with right at 800 yards we are way more than a passing team but we do that well too with over 3,400 yards just wonder what you got to do to get someone think it even be close but all Stats out the way EF got one thing they playing with and for that Newton don't for 48 minutes every Friday night when they #GrindFor5 he is alive and with every player they playing for him not themselves and this team has one common goal and it's not to win State that's not the priority they want to line up for 4Qtrs and #GrindFor5 win or lose just so happens they haven't lost yet I stand by my prediction. EF 41 Newton 27
  6. and how do you know that EF couldn't have ? That means nothing to me other than both teams tried to be decent and not run it up too bad
  7. Both played Garrison ! Newton 43 Garrison 6 EF 48 Garrison 14 was 48-7 till late 4th they scored on subs
  8. didn't win lost to G.A. Moore Celina team both years ! I played for Chad Morris at EF
  9. Arp running game is strong I think people are underestimating how good EF def is most points scored on them the last 6 or 7 weeks has been agaisnt subs when game is out of hand !
  10. no LSUTIGERS was saying EF schedule was weak and Newtons was superior and was just trying to prove that both played tough competition EF played 5 playoff teams and Newton played 6 and out of those schools each of us have 2 still playing so to me both played fairly tough schedules and I think the game is very equal all the way around I think Newton Def is prob better but I know EF offense is better so I expect it to go back and forth and possibly the team that gets the last turnover or has the ball last could win I don't see anyone blowing anybody out either way I predicted 41-27 EF that's just 2 scores but it could go the other way but won't be anyone winning by 3 or more score either way ! Both teams too good !
  11. no I was making a point that they both have 2 left playing and people that was saying EF schedule was weak don't know what they talking about cause I can argue the opposite that it was tougher or just as good ! I was being a smart at first like the previous poster had done then expressed my points and facts all u got to do is read I will be there !
  12. Yal just keep making excuses and trying to make a false narrative on how the game will go and EF will just keep #GrindFor5 putting in the work and use the doubt for motivation and just like every week this year prove people wrong ! I think it's great nobody but EF people are on the bandwagon we thrive in the underdog role I got 2 Rings myself from 98' and 99' hoping this group brings the Gold Rings home !!
  13. kirbyville finished 4th in there own district but would of won District 9 your an absolute moron have a good day
  14. Bridge City and Crockett only 2 teams on Newton schedule still playing football and pn EF schedule only Arp and Winona still playing tell me again how one schedule harder than the other and I will continue to argue that EF schedule was harder lol or just as hard anyways both these teams are almost identical yes Newton Def is better but EF offense is better going to be a great game and I driving about 10 hrs just to see it can't wait
  15. EF schedule was much harder than Newton's that's not even debatable ! Winona , Jefferson , Arp, WR , Waskom all made playoffs and Winona and Arp still playing in third round they have been tested by good teams Newton played 6 playoff teams in regular season only 3 with decent records and I believe if I am right only 2 still playing sounds fairy equal to me he wasn't saying Newton schedule was weak he was just saying if anyone says EF schedule is weak it's as good if not Better than Newtons and that's a fact !!
  16. Wonder why they didn't play in Center that was halfway for both
  17. Arp 35 Crockett 14 EF 41 Newton 27 District 9 keeps moving on
  18. they got all the second string in since first drive 3rd qtr they can't stop the 2's from scoring I say let them get experience keep scoring if can
  19. Keep it up Arp !!! District 9 sending a mess tonight !!!
  20. EF on a mission #GrindFor5 keep foot on gas send Newton a message !!!! We coming for u no hiding now
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