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  1. Bottom line: What he did was wrong and alone he should carry the blame. Quit deluding his actions by blaming others. He is old enough to know from right from wrong.
  2. East Texas should be proud of both programs. They are the best in 4a division 2. I know only one will be crowned state champs. I respect both programs but my pick is Carthage over Gilmer 44-28. The best of luck and prayer for safe travels injury free. In my moral book, they are both championship programs.
  3. I was off GV giving up points by 16 and by 5 GV scored.
  4. Eagleborn, the schedule strength of both teams determined my projection of the outcome of this game. Good luck to both teams.
  5. Grandview wins this match up. GV 54 Tatum 7
  6. Huffman Hargrave in a nail bitter against Kilgore 24-22.
  7. I want to wish everyone a happy Merry Christmas and a Happy New year.
  8. Gunter deserve the recognition and winning the State Championship.... Congrats to Gunter, they played with heart and fire..... Paul Pewitt okay Cinderella run to State came to a end yesterday, PP has to correct small mistakes next year if expect to compete with elite teams like Gunter.
  9. Gunter congrats on the win and Paul Pewitt I wasn't surprised y'all lost but okay season.
  10. TCU44 I want to come to your house..you must be drinking alot of spike Kool aid. Carthage 28 La Vega 16.
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