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  1. Can anyone make any recommendations about good volleyball camps to attend? Are there any summer volleyball programs in East Texas? Are any schools hosting a summer volleyball league?
  2. My post should probably have had a new title! The crew that I am referring to called a particular game for the same team we played last night. When we observed this crew earlier in the week, they favored the team that won, yet the opposing team were penalized more often than their opponent for the same level of play. On last night, we had the same crew who called for the team earlier in the week and guess what? They were favored that team; when we matched their level of play, we were penalized more! Was impartiality shown Monday? No! Was impartiality shown last night? NO! Am I accusing someone of cheating? NO! Am I insinuating anything? No! Our season is over, the girls will regroup and prepare for next year and will have learned a valuable lesson. My request was to just call the remainder of the games fairly and to protect the players! BTW, I am the first one to admit when my child(ren)/players foul! I am the first one to tell them to play smart! You know what, I can even take a loss.
  3. Please refs, if you are reading this post. Be impartial, that is your job! Each team that steps on to the pitch expects for you to be the professional and to take control of the game and call it fairly or as fair as possible. Your reputation is at stake; you are a person who should be respected, but when players are kicked in the stomach, punched in face, jerseys held, and the goalie has the opposing team trying impede her kick out of the box, people often wonder! It is not about the fans, the parents nor the coaches, but for the safety of the players! Please, please, maintain the integrity of the game!
  4. One question! How long can a player hold the ball if she/he is guarded? 5 seconds? WOW! NW wanted Sabine to play man-to-man because that was their strength, but Sabine prides themselves on zone. So what! Do I agree with implementation of a shot clock in high school? I don't really know but why not select one region per classification to do a study to see whether a shot clock will enhance the game or not.
  5. Girls Kilgore 1 Marshall 0
  6. Kilgore girls over Hallsville 1 - 0!
  7. Tough loss for Kilgore girls to Henderson 1-0. Just can't find the back of the net!
  8. Longview has an open enrollment! Maybe enough student will enroll, so they can move back up to 5A! Wishful thinking! Their girls are very good!
  9. How many underclassmen are returning to varsity for the 2009-10 season? What jv player(s) will have an instant impact on varsity next season?
  10. Kilgore girls lose a heartbreaker to Pine Tree 1 - 0! The Lady Bulldogs played well!
  11. Kilgore Lady Bulldogs 2 Marshall Lady Mavs 1
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