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  1. Where is Palestine Cats? He usually has all the answers since his friends coach at the middle school and he works at the elementary? Lol
  2. They have a lot of returning starters, kids worked hard last year and they looked real good during track in the spring!
  3. Well that didn't take long. With all that talent they should get a great coach
  4. Winona is a strange place. Good luck to whoever gets the job
  5. THigh looked good at the Texas Relays also.
  6. What was Bullard before he got there? I have talked to the man, seems like a great guy. He has Bullard headed in the right direction. Anyway congrats to Collins on the job. Some people will complain and argue about anything
  7. What is wrong with this kid? He needs Togo to rusk for some help. His parents are both hard working people so you can throw that bad home life stuff out. HE NEEDS HELP
  8. Congrats Winona! I remember the Great Billy Dunn teams
  9. Grapeland's basketball team is fun to watch offensively but there defense is bad.
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