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  1. Timpson made a believer out of me, they just toy with you, knowing that at any point Bussey can go around the right end and score, anytime, he is one of the smartest and best QB's(player) I have seen in a long long time in high school. The play last week that he made on the kickoff right before the half was over was just shear intelligence. He knew exactly what was coming just kept moving around and ended up in perfect position to take the squib kick and go untouched to the house. That was game over in my opinion. He is special.
  2. I see you are still having nightmares of Jeter taking it to the house, made him look real slow.
  3. I am not sure who said that daingerfield has the most overall speed. I do believe that it started with the teams that we have played already. However, overall speed does not mean 4 people running around a track. I do believe that top to bottom team speed that daingerfield will have the fastest team. Also I find it real hard to believe that Timpson has anyone that can out run Daingerfield's number 7 on a football field, I guess we will see on Friday.
  4. His new job is coaching up his replacements and inspirational leader and I know that he is ready for that job.
  5. If Hooks can hang on to the ball and not make as many mistakes it will be a much better game then people think. The QB can sling the ball and the running back is hard to tackle, they just make way too many mistakes. Got nothing to lose their coach is aggressive and will bring out all of the stops.
  6. You develop an accent while in the lockup.
  7. I think I heard the Warden rattling his keys, LOL
  8. Going to be a really good test for this great secondary we are suppose to have, could really help them prepare for on down the line.
  9. I really do not care who wins this game, I have seen what I need to see. I would just like to see us build on last week, a little more ball control type passing game and no one gets hurt.
  10. I did not see the Gladewater scrimmage, but against Atlanta I was very impressed with the way they played start to finish for four quarters, in fact I have not seen a Daingerfield team hit harder none stop on offense and defense in a long long time. These young men appear to love to play football, and that is a breath of fresh air.
  11. That is what I thought about Pottsboro when I saw them in warmups, but Winnsboro has some quick tough kids on that dline.
  12. One difference in this team and the normal Winnsboro teams you know from the past is that they can pass the ball. They do not have to do it often but they do have a more extensive play book this year.
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