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  1. That is what I thought about Pottsboro when I saw them in warmups, but Winnsboro has some quick tough kids on that dline.
  2. One difference in this team and the normal Winnsboro teams you know from the past is that they can pass the ball. They do not have to do it often but they do have a more extensive play book this year.
  3. I told my wife Friday night, I have seen some good Winnsboro teams, and some bad Winnsboro teams. This may be from top to bottom the best team I have seen in the 15 years I have been watching them. I was very skeptical, I mostly go to the Daingerfield games and watch Winnsboro in the playoffs and a couple of games a year. I really did not think that they could stay on the field with Pottsboro, but they were the better team, made a few mistakes that cost them the game, but I believe they can play with anyone in their division. Going to be a good game this weekend, tough first draw.
  4. Just for that the next time we play, we are going to 2019 you.
  5. EF QB the difference in this game and will win in the end, EF 38 W 27, I do believe that EF has the better defense also. I also believe that W is not quite as fast as they think that they are.
  6. If they didnt move some players to defense that run faster then 5.5 or we will have 500 yards
  7. We actually have a play book now, no more of this three plays that all go the same way eventually. We actually ran three different screen passes in one game this year. It will actually surprise you how many different formations and plays we run during a game. In the end it is still the athletic ability that makes the difference, but it is fun to watch when they execute. Hope this extra week off has given them more time to all get on the same page, if so every defense better beware.
  8. We run # 3 offense, he will spread you out, drive you crazy, then either run through you or throw over the top of you, and just when you think you got it figured out we line up and just run the ball up the middle until you stop it.
  9. do you have a link for a live stream
  10. The game is sold out and this is our first game this year that there is not a live stream available. Pretty sad that with all of the technology today that we can not get a live stream from the home team. What is the radio link?
  11. I have a bicycle too but I still choose to drive a car.
  12. Apparently the home team can not stream, so does anyone know if Daingerfield has made arrangements to stream this game for those of us that can not get tickets. Hate all of these stupid rules, anything to offer? Thanks
  13. What a bunch of selfish people we have become. Time to step back and take a look in our own closet and in our own mirror. Time for the UIL to take a look at the heart of the problem and not the sports part of the problem. I am so tired of the kids never getting their say in what happens to their lives. It is time that we become slow to speak and make sure we have all of the facts before we say a word, and if we do not have all of the facts then shut up and seek the truth.
  14. So you are calling us out and making us look bad with no proof that we were the ones that turned you in.
  15. Where does it say that Daingerfield turned you in? I was at the game and I did hear the announcements, but really did not pay much attention to them. Are you sure it was not the live stream, I know that they are watching them. I did notice that there was not much social distancing, but there again did not think much about it. I think all of this is just a mess that the Gov. needs to fix.
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