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  1. Could be some of that draw it up in the dirt play calling.
  2. I will say this, back in the day this was a normal Friday night, but for the refs to let this happen and there not be consequences teaches the kids absolutely nothing. The WR kid that picked the Waskom kid up and slammed him down head first that started the fight(when kids come to the aid of their team mate everything that happens from there own can be expected, but does not go unpunished). That kid should have been kicked out of the game for sure, given an unsportsman call, then the fight that took place after that could be offsetting. You can bet that the UIL is going to look at this and there may be punishment coming later. When kids go unpunished or anyone for that, they will not learn anything and it will happen again.
  3. Edgewood threw the ball all over the field, and their QB running ate your lunch all night, and they do not have near the athletes coming to town Friday night, plus we have a much better defense. I understand the history, but hopefully we can do a better job staying in our gaps and we will get some turnovers, got a few ball hawks.
  4. I remember sitting with about maybe 15 people at a Daingerfield/Farmersville playoff game in Paris a few years back, with 25 MPH plus winds, 32 degrees or lower, driving blowing rain, the entire game. Probably crazy, but it was a great game.
  5. Timpson made a believer out of me, they just toy with you, knowing that at any point Bussey can go around the right end and score, anytime, he is one of the smartest and best QB's(player) I have seen in a long long time in high school. The play last week that he made on the kickoff right before the half was over was just shear intelligence. He knew exactly what was coming just kept moving around and ended up in perfect position to take the squib kick and go untouched to the house. That was game over in my opinion. He is special.
  6. I see you are still having nightmares of Jeter taking it to the house, made him look real slow.
  7. I am not sure who said that daingerfield has the most overall speed. I do believe that it started with the teams that we have played already. However, overall speed does not mean 4 people running around a track. I do believe that top to bottom team speed that daingerfield will have the fastest team. Also I find it real hard to believe that Timpson has anyone that can out run Daingerfield's number 7 on a football field, I guess we will see on Friday.
  8. His new job is coaching up his replacements and inspirational leader and I know that he is ready for that job.
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