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  1. Plus we are playing with house money, no one ever thought we would put this thing together and get even close to this far. Now we have more then a bunch of speed athletic individuals, we seem to have become a team and a pretty darn good one. I for one never thought it would happen so my hats off to everyone involved. If they play as a team from here on out and bring their A game and stop making the mistakes with blown coverages and penalties they will not get beat.
  2. We have been known to not cover at times, LOL
  3. I guess you are right, or she who will never be President would be President. My Bad
  4. Number 9 is bad to the bone, the very best I have seen all year, almost unstoppable, take him out of the line up you get last years team without Brown. If he stays healthy, 3 peat in the bag.
  5. He throws where they have to catch with their hands, throw to their body and don't try to know their hands off with the fast ball everytime.
  6. Play calling very suspect in the first half as usual. Jeter needs to throw the ball and quit calling his on number to run.
  7. The Dekalb game it took us until mid third quarter to figure out we were in the wrong defensive alignment to stop what they were running and had way too many mistakes and turnovers. The Gunter game is easy, they had no answer for Craver, he was running at will in the first quarter and got hurt and did not play really the rest of the game. If he had not gotten hurt I do not believe they would have beat us. Same reason we almost lost the ND game, he got hurt on the very first run and was not a factor the rest of the game. We are really hard to beat with him 100% as the rest of the games show, so I hope he stays healthy the rest of the way.
  8. That is a shame, because he was one of the best all around players I have seen in a long time. He could have had a great career.
  9. Anyone from Newton: Where did that number 8 or 9 from last year go to school, he could have beat us by himself, it was like having three extra players on defense and on offense it was impossible to stop him. Just having him gone gives us a 75% better chance.
  10. Without a past you do not have the talent and blueprint for what success looks like. Some schools never figure it out and thus accept mediocrity, success breeds success. I think there are a whole lot of schools that be elated with our past and present, just much more is always expected.
  11. I was expecting to see more of number 13, but he was not involved in the offense very much against us, but number 15 was the reason we never really got out in space around the end, he has great closing speed. All together you have a much better defense then anyone expected, if the QB was a little more accurate on the passes over the middle you can surprise some people tomorrow night. I could be wrong but I think that the defense is going to hold up well.
  12. What number is he? That number 15 at linebacker is awesome, he might be the fastest player you have.
  13. Might want to paint over that Hillary bumper sticker before you pass through town again, it is a dead give away.
  14. They look bigger and a little faster this year. If we play like we did in that three week stretch Ef, waskom, Pewitt we can beat anyone, we play like we did last week we can't beat anyone but Diana. Still mad that they did not give the ball to Number 1 on the goal line and ran that stupid QB sneak. Stupid stuff just makes me crazy.
  15. Do not remember the year, but it was Daingerfield vs Farmersville in Paris, 32 degrees, driving blowing rain, 25 mile an hour winds. Daingerfield got out to a 35-0 lead in the first quarter and it got so cold you could not tackle or hold on to the ball and they help on for dear life, I think it ended up something like 55-50. Took me all night to thaw out when I got home.
  16. If he would have stayed there is a real good possibility he could have won three more, or at least been there with a shot.
  17. Yeah we have had a long time to digest the worst beat down in school history and desperately just want to get going.
  18. I have no idea, if you don't know who does, but they need to figure out a way to get off of the field on 3rd and 4th down against these good teams or they will never win the big game. That loose defense gives up too much on first down and then never have a chance, check last years third and fourth down percentages. Hopefully they will pull out of that 3 man front this year.
  19. unfortunately that is true and I might be one of the first, the only real problem that I have seen is the lack of adjustments in a timely manner or not at all, that gets really frustrating when the signs and keys are so obvious or seem to be.
  20. No he will probably come on here and read what the real coaches have to say is wrong.
  21. Okie Dokie and tomorrow will be same for me as it was today and we will try it again next year, just a game and I will have no less pride for my team then I do right now. So gloat while you can because as they always say what goes around comes around. Be careful to and from and enjoy the game.
  22. actually they beat us 61-9 in 2014, we won one game and they won state, I do not think you will come close to that unless we do not get off of the bus and even then I not sure you be able to beat it.
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