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  1. Nick Saban has said many times that you can not win a championship without having enough competitive games to prepare you. Maybe they are just that good and the exception to the rule. I am sure that they are going to win it all, but beat us by 50 to 60 points, my hat will be off to them if they do and will give them all of the credit they deserve.
  2. The worst Gilmer team in over 10 years scored 31 against them with two turn overs and 3 to 4 skill players out and whole team banged up from the Carthage thrashing the week before. They have to have some times where they are vulnerable, bored, or get out of position. Lots of video out there of that game.
  3. I will say this by the time DF kicked off the third time they were either calling a fair catch or fighting over who had to take the ball. The QB was running for his life and threw at least one pick, might have been two or more can not remember. DF was hitting hard the whole game.
  4. And you will have absolutely nothing to do with it, and when they do not what band wagon you going to jump on then.
  5. Okay we are going to get beat, we are going to get embarrassed, we are going to get destroyed, However we have a team of young men that do not believe that, they love to play football, they want to get better, they want to learn more about the game, so they will show up, they will play as hard as they can and let the chips fall where they may. We have a large number of young men that will be playing next year and if you are truly the best then that is what we want to play to get better. I will tell you this that I believe that right now we are every bit as good as Gilmer was when you played them with key players out and others banged up. We shocked Gunter last year in the first half with a team that is not near as good as we are right now, we just did not have enough horses and did not make the adjustments and they did. If we can play up to our potential in the first quarter and gain the confidence to go with the heart and athletic ability I know we have, then who knows, but in the end no matter what happens the young men that will be playing next year will know what they need to do to get to the same level as the great Newton of 2018 because we have the athletes to do it.
  6. Then you are not a Carthage fan, because they would never say it would be a good game.
  7. It is quite possible that we are not as good as we think or as good as we can be, but we are definitely much better then you think and give us credit for, and you that keep calling us weak just makes us that much more motivated to reach that next level.
  8. I knew you weren't just wanted to carry your point out a little, just to make another point, when Newton beat Gilmer this year(by the way I think Gilmer only won five games this year) Gilmer was coming off of a very physical drumming at the hands of Carthage where they lost several keys players and many more banged up for the Newton game the next week. So when they throw that game up in our face we just shrug it off. We know what we have right now and they may be better, but we still believe we have a shot to at least keep it close and if a few things go our way, then who knows what might happen.
  9. 2007 through 2015 Gilmer was 118-11 with two state championships also, so it is no surprise Gilmer beat us, also we only won one game in 2014.
  10. No matter what happens Friday night I am very proud of this Daingerfield team. I have not been able to say that much the last few years. This team has played harder, played cleaner, and kept their cool on the field better then any team I have seen in a while. They have not had problems with grades that I have heard of and they have worked very hard on and off of the field to get better every single week. They had a couple of games that were with teams that we had never played before and we were not prepared like we should have been, but they did not quit, they did not get mad, they did not have fights on the sidelines or on the field, they played hard and never stopped. Now they have become the team that we expected them to be. They may not win this week and no one outside of Daingerfield think they have a chance, but I believe that if they play a perfect game that they have as much of a chance as anyone. However,. this game will not change my mind about this team, win or lose, they are winners and will be better next year and I am proud to know that they play where I went to school. They have gone farther and done more then anyone but them thought they could. Just play the way you have been playing, leave it all on the field, hold your head high no what. Tiger Pride!!!
  11. Troup had a lot of players standing around on defense and could not tackle anyone and could not block anyone, you will not see that on Friday night.
  12. Nothing that has happened before this game really matters, you are delusional if you think it does.
  13. player player player who is best who is best, this is a team sport and I have seen many teams over the year have players that do not get the recognition yet the team gels over the year and plays with great confidence, plays as a team, so I am tired of hearing how many great players you have, we have been there and nearly got beat by a team that was gelling at the right time back in 2010, so we will play as a team and let the chips fall where they may. In the end it is just another game that we are not expected to win, actually to even be a fly on the wall watching these great players run up and down the field. I am not sure that you have played anyone as good as we are playing right now as a team so we will show up and take our chances.
  14. Not really all of the pressure is on you and your world beater team. We will play loose and have fun, probably will not win, but we will to play and we are playing with house money. So keep building your team up, up, up and up.
  15. dont you have a basketball game to go to or something.
  16. weather looks better, Tigers going to hit the gas and never get off, gonna be raining touchdowns
  17. easttexasradio, may only have one t then look for 97.7
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