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  1. Keep banking your success against Winona's defense
  2. Just for grins, up until the Daingerfield game Harmony had given up 121 points some where around 17 to 18 touchdowns and Daingerfield scored 8.
  3. I am not going to comment anymore, it is just stupid and selfish
  4. Like I said before the Waskom game was the best thing that happened to us, it woke our coaches up and created may changes. We will get you next year though. LOL
  5. That is the very worst name you could ever call me, but I give you grace.......
  6. I think he has done a good job after the waskom game, he should have realized before the game that the defense that he was running was not going to work and should have made adjustments in the game itself, but I think it was a wake up call and for that I salute him for being willing to make the change. He was a little slow making adjustments last week when Harmony went to the power run and then back to normal, but it is hard to do on the fly for a lot of coaches. Overall this is much better then I ever expected, actually I think a better job then last year at least the offense is showing more imagination, need to add a few misdirection plays so that the offense is harder to read, but overall very good.
  7. That is only when we run the three man front, hopefully we will never see that front again.
  8. We will hit him before he makes the edge, winona still not a good tackling defense.
  9. EF does not tackle in practice and they can not tackle so you are going to have to show him against a better defense. I know that they beat us, but we played a horrible first half,could not cover anyone and fell behind 27 to 0.
  10. You act like we have never faced the wing T before, it is actually starting to become our offence of choice to defend.
  11. Pretty sure the home team calls the shots, so what you have said looks like play on regardless, LOL
  12. and no break until after 11PM, might be okay for the boys but not fair for the fans, why not change it to be on the safe side for fans and kids alike. Everyone driving will be in harms way to and from.
  13. Some games are starting to move from Friday to Thursday, MV and Atlanta being one of them. Weather does not look promising to get this game in on Friday night without having a delay probably around halftime. Maybe someone knows something I do not.
  14. I tried to say thanks but they cut off my reactions, oh well, guess they don't want helping Finest
  15. Well we scored 8 touchdowns last week and scored 48 points, you do the math, lol. We are going to have to change our approach, either kick or try some new plays for the two, the ones we keep running have been scouted to death and at this point we can not just count on athletic ability to get the conversions.
  16. I have been saying that all year, I can call most every play also, been hoping they would put in some misdirection plays to keep the defense honest, maybe this will be the week that they do it, because I think they are going to need it. Harmony had them figured out and were keying on everything that they were running, but could not stop them if it was blocked up because of the speed. Hurt them last year against Gunter because Gunter was in the huddle the whole second half and we never adjusted. Hopefully we can come out with a new wrinkle and not just rely on our speed, because I feel like we are going to need a little bit more this week.
  17. Thanks y'all some things you can not unsee LOL
  18. Wish we had pictures of the farmersville playoff game I think there was about 5 or 6 of us up there
  19. He has gotten us farther then anyone thought he could and just like all of us in life he is learning. I will always share my opinion, but I am happy with the progress the team is making and the way that they have been much more disciplined.
  20. Yeah, playing Waskom really saved our season, no way we would have been able to stop Pewitt or Harmony if we had not changed our defense after that game and it will certainly help us in this game also. Had to change it back and forth against Harmony when they made adjustments, only problem is that it took us a couple of series before we changed it back and got burned. The adjustments that other teams make get us in trouble and make us panic at times.
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