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  1. Good game Rattlers. Y'all have a great team as well as a lot of class. Never saw another team come over and sing the opponents school song with them after the game. Good luck the rest of the way.
  2. Wow. If your ability to evaluate talent brings you to that conclusion, then I believe if I were you I would seriously consider letting the adults talk about the football stuff. lmao.
  3. No doubt about it. No disrespect intended to any of the schools Nav played, but based on the film that I've seen, I think CH's JV could've hung with and probably beat at least one of them. We shall see come Friday night, won't we?
  4. According to free dictionary on line a rice bird is any one of a number of birds that frequent the rice fields. Pretty intimidating critters. ;-)
  5. You watched any film on them Lion70? I just looked at film from several of their games and all I can say is their competition REALLY makes them look good.
  6. What is a rice bird? Are they fearsome? Guess I'll have to google that.
  7. The Cardawgs have done well the second half of the season but I'm afraid all of that youthfulness may catch up to them this week. I hope not, because I want all of the DoD teams to win. Also, if we can take care of our own business this week there will be a reckoning come the following week. Ohh yeah.
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