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  1. Out of the 20+ playoff teams we've played since Surratt was here, I'd say at least 10 of those teams were better than El Campo. I'm not worried at all about tomorrow night. Carthage 42-14. El Campo might get one more TD against our backups.
  2. Who does his team play this week? I'll answer that. Nobody. They didn't even make playoffs if I remember correctly. That was an irrelevant point you brought up. I'd rather have a great team than a great player.
  3. Haha yea people just don't like Carthage so they say we'are cocky. I just call it pride. Plus, we've earned the right to be cocky, so I don't see the problem there anyways
  4. Say what you want but the score was 50-21 and we had 4 turnovers. Coulda been a lot worse.
  5. He won't say his prediction because he knows Carthage is going to win, but he wants El Campo to win. I don't take anything he says seriously, because of that. No confidence. Id be talkin #### for Carthage if we were playing an NFL team.
  6. I'm not sure why your resorting to past games. Carthage always plays bad at the start of the season. I don't even know who KJ Garrett is, but we shut down Silsbee last week and thier qb was supossed to torch us. Carthage is peaking late in the playoffs like every year. Keep talkin all you want, but deep down you know Carthage is going to win and it won't even be close.
  7. It will be. I'm sure after we win Friday the announcer will congradulate El Campo on a great season. That's how it usually goes.
  8. I know man, we ####. We couldn't win 4 in a row like El Campo... And we missed a game tying extra point in double overtime to a team that went to state. And they would've won state if they didn't have 5 starters injured against us. All on defense btw
  9. Well that wasn't very classy. It was also quite stupid. We've never been accused of being a dirty team.
  10. Because Carthage has the best front 7 in 3A. No way El Campo has success running the ball against Carthage. Like I said earlier, this is a terrible match up for yall. El Campo isn't averaging 8.2 yards per carry this Friday.
  11. Teams like El Campo think they're #1 just because they go undefeated during the regular season. They have no idea what physical football is. They bully those sorry teams over there and think they can do that to us too. They don't realize how different east Texas football is from what they're use to. They hear us talk about it all the time, and they think that's all it is, just talk. Year after year we back up what we say (not just us, look at Gilmer, Henderson, Dangerfield... The list goes on) and this Friday will be no different. I promise you Surratt and the players aren't looking past anyone. If we looked past teams, we wouldn't have 3 state titles in the past 4 seasons. El Campo will recieve a beating Friday night. It's not all bad though. It'll help em out for next season. It'll show em how physical they need to be to be on Carthage's level.
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