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  1. Look like Waskom boys basketball are on a roll . 5/0 in dist.second round starts tuesday GOOD LUCK!
  2. nobody with the letters T R was at the meeting so try again
  3. you are wrong about calling back it is still 3 in the running
  4. what is the first letter of the first and last name of this committee member
  5. Turner was 1/9 2008 so all Lowe has to do is tie one too have the same start! :notworthy:
  6. who was the head coach of the 1970 wildcat team and was this his first year at waskom. what was his record the next year.
  7. This will be a good week to stand up and show what we can do.the level of play on offense and defense will have to rise.ya need to work as a team.If ya want it bad enough then go get it! Good luck
  8. Next year, we care about this year.If the coach fills 11 is the man we need him NOW! next year will take care of next year I need to see points this week !
  9. Maybe we got a wakeup call friday.This week we will see what we are made of.We are playing a team that is in our class so it is apples to apples.If we can get our offence going we might make a game of it. Waskom 22 Maud 17 :banghead:
  10. After watching the jv game last nite I just cant see the blow out. On paper EFshould win butwe are talking about 16-17-18 year olds.The story want be about how bad EF beat Waskom,thats no story but if Waskom beats EF thats head lines.So who has all the pressure on them! :banghead:
  11. In practice he was kicking 25 to 30 yards, he made 7 out of 10 :notworthy:
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