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  1. With Carthage and PG both upgrading facilities, they will continue to get move ins.
  2. Where would a lot of schools be without their QB and RB?
  3. People are more mobile today than what they were 30 and 40 years ago. My kids went K-12 because we made a decision to raise a family in Texarkana.
  4. Curious, what is considered “homegrown talent”, K-12 or something else?
  5. You will hear more about PG on here because Texarkana has two other Texas side schools and one AR side school. Some people like to say PG recruits….winning does the recruiting.
  6. PG has open district. Several of their key players transferred to PG in the 8th and 9th grade.
  7. Teams that are winning championships year and year out are not all homegrown kids. Carthage, Gilmer, and PG have all had kids transfer or move in to their district. That doesn’t mean the schools did anything wrong. There are checks in place within their district to make sure rules are followed.
  8. I am sure it will bring you lots of pleasure! Always hating on PG kids!
  9. You could have typed that 20 posts ago instead of waiting on a Yes or No. lol
  10. First of all, I was not responding to you. I know this team has athletes. However, big time championship games are won in the trenches. If Carthage beats PG in the trenches, then they win the game. I think it is 99 times, not 100!
  11. You can go to Texarkana Gameday on YouTube and watch their game with Van.
  12. That is what a lot of people don’t understand. They get hung up on the skill players, and the game is won in the trenches. PG has some size but not across the board like Carthage. PG will have to play a mistake free game and have some things go their way to have a chance to win the game.
  13. I always find it amusing when people say it is boring. PG had some big runs and big pass plays from that boring offense. Winning is never boring!
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