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  1. Exactly. I am always amazed at people that say they will vote No because they do not want their taxes to increase, even though the school multiplier is not changing. Your taxes are going up regardless whether you vote Yes or No due to your local appraisal district. At least, this has been the case where I live the last several years.
  2. What is Phase 2 of the baseball softball complex?
  3. The multiplier will not change for the school district. The issue is the local appraisal district. Bowie county just got hit with an increase in property appraisals. I will pay more to PGISD, even though the school multiplier did not change for the bond.
  4. PG passed their latest bond issue. PG took the approach to have improvements on every campus. The bond would affect every student in the district. In addition, the bond will provide a new sports complex and a 7 million field house. I no longer have kids in the school system and volunteered to be on the committee. Everyone on the committee had to find 25 yes votes. We were encouraged to get our 25 people to early vote. There was a lot of groundwork put in by everyone on the committee through networking, social media, and community advertising. You will always have those people that say “they don’t need all that”; however, you have to find those supporters and encourage them to vote Yes.
  5. I went back to 2012, LE was 730 and PG was 593. LE had a period were they over 750 between 2016 and 2018 period. I think that was when they were 4A 1 playing Princeton. Since then trend has been losing kids.
  6. People move all the time for athletic purposes. The best way to do it is when they are in junior high or 9th grade. The majority are not playing varsity sports as a 9th grader. Red flags will always go up when kids move their junior year to a neighboring school.
  7. Probably closer to 200 kids separating PG and LE now. PG is close to 800 since the last snapshot. Word is LE has dropped to around 600.
  8. You are like a house fly, hanging around and annoying the crap out of everyone!
  9. A lot of truth here. It is more than Gameday. There are other social media shows that contribute. I think it is great they get promoted but reality gets lost due to the hype.
  10. Lol. Bring ‘em on! The more the merry. It keeps a bunch of y’all up in arms and there is not a thing any of y’all can do about it.
  11. Eventually, you will have to let all of this go and just accept reality.
  12. Congrats Carthage. Just way too many Jimmy and Joes across the board!
  13. We can only speculate on here to those questions. We will know the answer Friday night. Nothing wrong with having some small talk in between.
  14. No one was complaining about the 2017 team. The district was closed during that time period.
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