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  1. Not sure how LE is a favorite. A lot of work to do with the program. I am not sure if they still have a booster club.
  2. DField is an interesting one. It has been several years since the two have played, prior to the Gibson era. think it comes down to just trying to find someone to play. I know PG has tried Sulphur Springs and Mt Pleasant in the past, but has had no luck.
  3. Hearing this is PG’s non-conference schedule. This is not the correct order of when they are playing. Sunnyvale, Dangerfield, Kilgore, Atlanta, Paris
  4. Based on some of his golf scores from tournaments, he should play college golf. A lot easier on the body and its a game that he can play to an old man.
  5. Not surprised he got a AD / HC position. Very well thought of and respected at PG. I look for him to work towards building a culture similar to what PG has.
  6. He has a podcast that he hosts. https://keepyourpadsdown.simplecast.com/
  7. Ancient or not, nothing like seeing a team just exert their dominance on a team in the trenches. With the right athletes and precise execution, the wing t / slot t is fun to watch. A win is a win regardless of the offense.
  8. Shouldn’t you be posting this on the Texarkana Friday Nights Lights page? I haven’t seen any PG posters crying on Smoaky.
  9. I could not tell if he stepped out of bounds from where I was sitting. It was not a good pass in my opinion. Like poster Tex85 said, even if it was a good thrown ball, the call may not have been made at that point in the game.
  10. Correct. A better thrown ball that was in bounds and deemed catchable would have warranted a PI call.
  11. I think the 8th grade teams split and PG 7th won both. Again, you don't know who is going to come and go each year. Not convinced it is going to work out at T High like some of those guys think.
  12. My opinion 17 is because of the OL and DL play. People get hung up on a style of offense. All I care about is winning, not necessarily style points. I am good with a 2-1 baseball game involving small ball as long we we win.. I thought the wing t was exciting when it was executed properly. Plus, PG was throwing out of the wing t. I do realize that it has it limitations.
  13. Folks have been saying PG would be average after 17 18 19 etc classes graduated. They have some young talent in the lower grades and with the facilities that are coming as well as open district...PG will be just fine. Some people put way too much into this year's team. They were a really good team, but not the best team to come through PG.
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