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  1. Lol is that what really happened?? Cause I believe I saw some freshmen linebackers out their laying the fat head on kickoff and many more plays!
  2. What's the name of this guy your talking about??
  3. The point is WStiger, Garrison is rolling big and will keep rolling all the way to state...... Ya'll tigers better be ready cause Garrison is bringing home another trophy tommorow Night!!!!
  4. TXgolfer48 Did Javante get hurt last week and was limping around after that play??
  5. Speaking of Highland Park does anyone know how Highland Park is doing in football this year?
  6. Garrison-Timpson But now that Garrison plays Tenaha i think Tenaha will be the biggest rival...
  7. Tenaha won't stand a chance against Garrison
  8. Ok well if most of the top teams took a week off last week,then how come Alto and Tenaha played??
  9. Hmm yall got somethiung in store for Garrison friday I can't wait you know supposably yall had something in store for Alto but I don't think that it worked... I mean 47-6 what did yall have in store for Alto???
  10. Hey good job on last year,winning 3 consecutive games without a pass attempt!! Not to be rude but I don't think that this post is about Joaquin and their quarterback throwing incomplete passes!!! And yes I do know that throwing passes is a big deal!!!
  11. Good Job On throwing 5 passes last week!!! This is a different week if you haven't noticed!!
  12. Lol Heard that rumor is Tenaha's quarterback can't throw!!!
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