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  1. We don’t run a lot of wideout sets and we rarely throw the ball. Our “triplets” tend to all line up in the backfield. It could also be said that our offense works best when we have quadruplets, or a really athletic quarterback to go with the three RBs. The 2022 group of QB Gauge Jordan, FB Andre Brown, HB Jericho Newman and TB Malik Stotts was rock solid. The 2019 combo of QB Chandler Pritchett (he wasn’t really athletic but a 215 # QB riding a 290# center is tough to stop in short yardage), HB Connor Bragg, TB Gunner Nelson and FB Boogie Lane was also impressive. The best overall group was probably in 2017 when we had QB Trey Wilkerson, TB Bragg, HB Hunter Gates and FB Kase Yates.
  2. This is interesting. I would like to do some research this November. Can you give me GPS coordinates to this subdivision? I feel bad for these poor people and would like to see if I can help “thin the herd” so to speak. Strictly out of the goodness of my heart, mind you.
  3. Because it’s worth a thousand words?
  4. Word on the street in J-town is that Hayseed and SloppyJoe hijacked your squeezins recipe and set up their still inside the concession stand. Hayseed got the mash a little too rich one night and Sloppy got the fire too hot and next thing you know: BOOM! Ram Stadium gets a brand spankin’ new concession stand. Best part is, the men’s room will be a 4-Holer. I’m sure KirtFalcon will appreciate the new toilet seats when his Bulldogs come to visit this year, seein’ how Ol Retiredfan1 claims he pees sitting down. But don’t worry. I checked with Coach Lawson, and the super secret Ram Sauce recipe was locked up safe and sound in his new gun safe. He got his old pit bull hog dog guarding it like a democrat watching a Epstein client list.
  5. Lipan completed the boys/ girls state championship sweep. First school in 16 years to pull it off.
  6. My wife drug me to Canton one time. Next time I go I’ll be wearing a toe tag cuz I’ll be dead. Lol
  7. This thread needs to get back on the topic of the AD/ HFC position at Price/ Carlisle ISD. Any further insinuation or innuendo about where players come from will result in suspensions. Carry on.
  8. Why is it you know all about the best places to eat?
  9. I concur. Brisket tacos are worth the trip.
  10. That’s strange. Garrison’s clock did the same thing when we played over there last year. Maybe the scoreboards were made by the same company and it’s a manufacturer’s defect.
  11. To quote one of the GOATs: ”A great football coach can take his and beat yours, then take yours and beat his.” Paul William “Bear” Bryant
  12. Joaquin will be in rebuild mode this year. 2 returning starters on offense. Will be replacing the entire o-line as well as two all-district RBs. The defense will be hit hard by graduation as well. There are a bunch of good kids ready to step into those spots but you don’t lose that much without feeling a little pain. Add that to the fact that pretty much everyone on the schedule will be improved over last year and it’s easy to see that we have our work cut out for us.
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