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  1. Timpson and Mt. Enterprise ISDs both border it as well.
  2. In addition to the academic issues, there are a lot of political differences that I think will prohibit the PAC from inviting Baylor, TCU or BYU. As “progressive” as those left coast institutions are, I don’t think they can see their schools sharing the stage with three universities with the religious history of BYU, TCU or Baylor. I know Baylor has severed its ties with the Southern Baptist Convention, and TCU seems to be a Christian university in name only. But these are the days of cancel culture, and the leftist academia that runs west coast universities is one of the kingpins of it.
  3. There’s been a long standing “gentleman’s agreement” in the SEC with regard to expansion. To appease Florida, FSU and Miami were considered off limits, as was Georgia Tech after they left the league in the 60s. That was to keep UGA happy. South Carolina was told the same thing concerning Clemson when the Gamecocks came on board in 1992. I had assumed that A&M was given the same promise when they joined up. If that gentleman’s agreement has been relegated to file 13 as we’re looking at a new round of conference expansion and realignment, things could get really interesting over on the east
  4. I call BS. You’re probably itching for the Academy in Longview to start stocking their “It Just Means More” t-shirts. Just don’t get in ‘Ol DB’s way when they get there.
  5. Aggie fans on SDC are like Olympic gymnasts. Their panties are always out of whack. Difference is, occasionally you’ll see the gymnast reach back and pull hers out. Aggie fans have never learned to do that.
  6. Saban’s ‘07 class was nothing to speak of. It was followed up with a 7-6 record and a independence bowl win over Colorado. The ‘08 class was the one where they really started pulling in great players. There was no first year bump there either.
  7. But how can we be sure it was real beef, and not something created in a Chinese lab in wuhan province?
  8. I don’t disagree that success on the field leads to better recruiting. However, there is a recent example that proves it can be more about the recruiting process itself than about the product on the field. Alabama recruited the 2008 class (which was the foundation for the 2009 national championship, which was the springboard for the dynasty) during and after a 7-6 2007 season. It’s simply about getting kids to buy into what you’re selling. UT has an advantage Saban didn’t have then, too. They are the largest, most prestigious university with the best football tradition in the most talent-ric
  9. I’m leaving for CS this morning. Might have more insider information by Monday.
  10. That depends on the volume of SEC! SEC!SEC! chants we hear out of Austin and Norman. I bet LOL is practicing his as we speak.
  11. So if the Big12 does collapse, which is what losing OU and UT would lead to, what happens to the rest of the schools? I can see the ACC collecting WVU and adding Notre Dame with them to get to 16 teams. Iowa State, Kansas and Kansas State are well suited for the Big10, as is OK State. How many of those would make that move? Where does that leave TTU, TCU and Baylor? Could we see conferences expand to 20 teams? Would it mean more B12 schools to the SEC? Would the AAC expand as well? Lots of what-ifs here.
  12. If this is as far down the road as we’re being told, I’m sure the top brass at both schools has considered the cost of getting out of their contract and probably budgeted for it.
  13. I just got off a conference call with Nick and Greg. The Aggies can stay, but their permanent cross division rival is now UGA, and they have to play BAMA and LSU on the road for the next 6 consecutive years. They have to learn their lesson here.
  14. Waiting on the new pressbox before we post pictures. But a Top-15 matchup with Beckville on Thursday 8/26 should be a doozy of a housewarming. Big crowd, probably coaches from every school in Districts 9 & 10 will be there.
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