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  1. I see this trend happening already. There are 8 football schools in Shelby, San Augustine and Panola counties combined. There is now one grass field left. The non-football school in Panola county has a turf baseball field.
  2. I know we will play two games on grass this season. Out of ten games last year, we played 4 on grass, three of which were at home. One of our road games on grass this year is at Garrison, and I think they just passed a big bond issue for a new high school, so I could see them getting turf in the near future.
  3. That’s the reason we waited to do turf.
  4. Also, we get some big games on it this year. We host a returning regional finalist (Beckville, who should be very good) in the opener. We also get the returning state semifinalist (Timpson) who should be even better than they were in ‘20, at home. Add in rivalry games with Shelbyville and San Augustine, and a road trip to Elysian Fields, and we play one of the toughest schedules in 2A.
  5. No but the wall at the bottom of the bleachers is now padded, and the mud hole you are accustomed to standing in is now level with the field and is turf.
  6. The area in front of the concession stand that used to be grass (ok mud) has now been covered with concrete and will become sort of a concourse area that should allow for an end zone view of the game. I believe there are upgrades to the pressbox and maybe the scoreboard included in this project. Should make for an awesome place to watch a football game.
  7. Rams Field Turf Project Seeing Huge Strides Towards Completion Composed by Ronny Samford Joaquin Rams Football Stadium on April 30, 2021 – Joaquin High School’s Rams Stadium is undergoing an overhaul. Joaquin now becomes the first facility in the state of Texas to install the revolutionary T°Cool® evaporative cooling technology to their new synthetic turf field. During warm weather months (especially in Texas), synthetic
  8. Hate that for Coach Ward. He’s one of the nicest guys in the business.
  9. Congrats to Coach Barnes and good luck to the Wolfpack.
  10. Will be interesting for sure. We have scrimmaged Logansport the last several years. Not sure if that might become a game for ‘22 or not. Will be big crowds for sure.
  11. This is true. Curious to see how many Texas schools look at that.
  12. The TX-LA games will likely be coming in 2022. LA is going a 3rd year on their 2019 realignment, and will start doing their realignments in even years like Texas. Could possibly lead to some interesting matchups. Shreveport schools vs Marshall, Longview, Texas High; Waskom or EF vs Haynesville or North Caddo. would be potentially awesome. Logansport vs Joaquin, Tenaha or Timpson. Carthage vs North Desoto, Calvary or Evangel, or Mansfield vs Center would probably be worth the price of admission. Newton vs Many might be the best ticket in the bunch.
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