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  1. I’ll be looking forward to his comments.
  2. I would argue that both are hungry. Refugio last won a title in 2019 when their current seniors were freshmen. Those kids feel the pressure of carrying on that tradition. They’ve come up short in quarterfinals the last two years. The hunger to carry on a tradition may be greater than the hunger to win the first title ever for your school. I see this being a really good matchup with the outcome hinging on which team prepares the best and does the best job of dealing with the short practice week.
  3. At the Alamodome. I’m guessing C-Hill lost the flip?
  4. Timpson wasn’t in SA’s district the three years that the Wolves went to semifinals. Timpson was D2 in 2017 (lost to Tenaha in regional finals). In 2018-19, Timpson was in district 11 and SA was in district 12. In fact, SA eliminated Timpson in the first round in 2018. But both runs were impressive, and Timpson’s run isn’t over.
  5. Congrats to the Cooper Bulldogs on an outstanding season. Good job Bears. Coach T has now been to five regional finals and four state semifinals in 7 years. That’s pretty dang impressive.
  6. A balanced offense with dynamic playmakers is what I see being Cooper’s kryptonite. They were outstanding at loading the box and daring Joaquin to throw the ball. Joaquin was largely unsuccessful with the passing game. Had we been able to complete a few passes, we could have forced them out of the 9 man front they were running. We had open receivers, but couldn’t connect. Their corners and OLBs did a great job playing the run. Every time we got one of our speed backs out on the edge in a one-on-one, their kid made the tackle. Timpson is a completely different animal. They will spread you out and find the open receiver, and with the ball in Bussey’s hands, sometimes the worst thing you can do is cover every receiver. With the defense spread out, he can cover 12-20 yards in the blink of an eye. I’ve got Timpson winning 42-20.
  7. It certainly appears that they turned the intensity up a notch when they hit the playoffs.
  8. I guess what I’m asking is why are two schools playing a 4th round playoff game there instead of one of the dozens of really good venues in the metroplex? I would think SMU would be a much better site for SOC vs Melissa.
  9. Who plays there now? Crazy as it sounds, I took in a Rangers game there the first year it was open. Had seats in the third deck above home plate. Left with a nosebleed and went to Hooters lol.
  10. Kinda what I was thinking. Surely there’s a better stadium in that area.
  11. Considering that the state title game for this division is at 11:00 a.m. on Thursday, December 15th, I would not have been surprised at this regional final being a Thursday game. I think the state semifinals have been on Thursday for the last several years in this division, because you’re already on a short week. In odd years, our division plays for the title on Wednesday night. Either way, Wednesday is your travel day, so you only get Monday and Tuesday for prep. There’s no way they’re going to play on Saturday and then potentially have to turn around and play a state semifinal on Thursday.
  12. Very much so. Those two (Refugio and Shiner) aren’t going anywhere. If Timpson advances as expected, they will definitely have their hands full in semifinals again.
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