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  1. I see two Houston area private schools are having HOCO these days.
  2. You don’t seem to be overflowing with confidence in the idea that the Oilers are going to come back well rested after a full year off and conquer the world.
  3. Justice Thomas has said nothing about banning anything. Your friends are latching onto the liberal media’s spin on his statement. He said that SCOTUS should consider revisiting those decisions, because like they did on the abortion issue, the court had overstepped its boundaries and wrongly usurped states rights by ruling on those issues at all. The Constitution never said anything about the federal government having any authority on those issues.
  4. I wasn’t. I was talking about the normal, hard working, red-blooded, flag waving, Bible thumping real Americans from East Texas. You know, the ones that teach their kids to love God, respect the flag and honor the men and women who keep us free. That teach their kids to shoot rifles by the time they start kindergarten. You can insult us all you want, but there’s a reason you and your ANTIFA buddies have stuck to the cities with your “peaceful protests.”
  5. Who said anything about a militia? All I’m saying is no one out here in the sticks is afraid of your “protestors”.
  6. I’ve hunted and target shot with quite a few different folks. Fat boys tend to be pretty accurate. Your ANTIFA buddies would do well to keep their act in the cities where that kind of BS is tolerated.
  7. If they pay their employees more they should expect them to know about the products they sell. When I ask the guy at the gun counter if he has any .270 150 grain ballistic tip, I’m not happy with a blank stare and “oh I don’t know anything about guns. I just work here.” (It was a college kid with a really bad haircut).
  8. Yep. With my smokin hot wife of almost 24 years. Tru storie!
  9. Remember, they live among us and they vote, some of them multiple times. I would say they may have already reproduced, but I don’t think there’s enough tequila in Mexico to get a chick hammered enough to sleep with that kid.
  10. Yeah that pesky Constitution just keeps tripping them up.
  11. I think I’ve been in their Shreveport store twice, and couldn’t find what I was looking for. This was when my daughters were playing youth league softball. I naturally browsed their gun and outdoors department. Academy had a better selection on everything, and their sales people were much more knowledgeable and helpful, whether I was looking at guns, shoes, or grills. My wife likes to shop at a couple of the stores adjacent to the Shreveport location, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen more than 3 cars in front of it at one time. I don’t see how they’re not losing tons of money.
  12. I’m stocking up on beer and popcorn already.
  13. This is even better than the great November meltdown of 2016. Kudos to Bad Orange Man for triggering the snowflakes one more time.
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