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  1. Yea Nick told me that was why he engineered this plan.
  2. Very possibly. Conference championship week will be very interesting.
  3. That game took 10 years off of Ol TRUEBLUE’s life. If we have many more seasons like this, I’m gonna have to change my screen name to truegray82.
  4. Great news! https://247sports.com/college/alabama/Article/Alabama-Football-Recruiting-Alabama-flips-Texas-RB-commit-Jamarion-Miller--176235315/?fbclid=IwAR2gOzt8EfDfbcm1K8r6PUgun9AqJ8uOk43ASosBSi_3pP0ZkWDbGxd98bQ
  5. Austin is an absolute train wreck of a city. Thanks to being overtaken by communists, violent crime is skyrocketing. If the UIL wants to use some of the $$ they rob from schools every year to build a multi-sport complex to host events, great. But there’s at least ten cities in Texas better suited to hosting it than Austin.
  6. They tried that about six years ago. NRG and the city of Houston fumbled the ball big time. I don’t remember anyone who attended, fans, players or coaches, not saying “We need it to go back to AT&T.”
  7. Yeah I heard Air Force 2 was scheduled to land at Garrison International Airport later this week.
  8. Anyone that isn’t Refugio or Shiner beating Timpson this year will be an upset. Beckville has a team that can give them a game if the ball bounces their way.
  9. Dan may need a job on the Star Wars franchise after this season.
  10. I’m watching Auburn/ South Carolina and RGIII is very difficult to listen to.
  11. Arkansas and Tennessee both appear to have made good hires.
  12. The Blind Side missed the opportunity to tell a great story about Michael Oher. The writers were so determined to make the story about LeAnn Tuhoy that they failed to tell Over’s story.
  13. Can you imagine the HP fans melting down at the thought of having to go to Arkansas to play? They probably thought they needed passports to go to Louisiana.
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