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  1. Hey there’s a guy on another thread saying that Bowie is one of the top teams in 2A D2.
  2. Cushing West Hardin Newton Woodville Jasper Centerville Hempstead Chilton Evadale Garrison Timpson Groveton Lovelady Joaquin KIPP Generations Hemphill Coldspring Livingston East Texas Home School Malakoff Harleton Elkhart Rice Consolidated Carlisle Lufkin Whitehouse Waskom West Orange -Stark
  3. I think I seen one of them things down below Possum Trot a few years ago. He was acting all kinds of nasty till one of them suck truckers ran him over. Tru storie.
  4. Buddy, maybe you can help me out. See I’ve SEEN Rams. Up close. Them things is hard headed for sure. And they can get shore nuff cantankerous when the ewes is in season. But I ain’t never seen a dragon up close. I’ve seen them Komodo dragons on the discovery channel, but that looks like just a big ole ugly lizard. Then there’s Puff the Magic Dragon, but he looks pretty mellow and ain’t exactly the kind of critter that strikes fear into anyone. Then there’s the one that old Yosemite Sam rode in that cartoon that looked to be dumber than a sack full of doorknobs. So what I’m gettin at is this: exactly what kind of dragons do they have down there in Shelbyville? You got any ideas?
  5. Couple of interesting little factoids: since the turn of the century (for the most part, both programs were subpar for the previous 10 years) the Rams hold a 17-6 advantage in this series. The last Dragon win was a big one, snapping a 4 year home win streak by the Rams when a last second field goal try went wide right by 6 inches. The Rams would avenge that loss with a 38-0 drubbing in the bi-district playoffs at Henderson. Both teams have had very successful seasons, with the Rams advancing to the state semifinals once, as well as 3 different 3rd round appearances. The Dragons made it to regional finals in 2015. During this time period, the Rams have seen more consistent success, with only two sub .500 seasons and missing the playoffs a total of five times. I’m just speculating, but I believe a large part of that has been the constant change in leadership of the Dragon program, with no less than ten different head coaches, while the Rams have had three. None of that matters Friday night though. The best team will win, and take a big step toward a playoff spot. The loser will definitely be behind the 8-ball in the playoff race. Good luck to the Dragons, but I hope you get another serious case of the blues this year.
  6. Idk. They tend to stay mad at us down there. Even though we’re 0-3, they’ll be treating this one like the Super Bowl. I’m not sure what it is about the color blue that makes otherwise nice, good people act so irrational.
  7. I think it could be much worse than that if the Timpson staff wants it to be.
  8. I think KirtFalcon is using those mail-in picks. Doomer told me he had experience from his work during the 2020 election. Tru storie
  9. Idk. The only thing we solved in the QB picture today is that Ty Buchner is NOT the guy. As far as RB, Roydell Williams is the workhorse. He’s the guy we want to get the ball to bleed clock and protect a lead. On the O-line, I think freshman LT Kayden Proctor has the potential to be great, but he’s not a day one starter like Cam Robinson was. He’s given up a lot of sacks and has a bunch of penalties threw three games. I thought our defense played pretty good, but they will still have to improve for next week. 17 points is not going to be enough to beat Ole Miss.
  10. Freshman LT is just not ready. And why are we trying to pass on 1st down with a lead?
  11. I think one of the biggest issues is getting new staff members to buy into the Saban doctrine of discipline and mental toughness. I’ve noticed a gradual decline of that over the past 3-4 years. This is the most undisciplined Saban team ever. Two TDs called back last week. Another this week, along with a turnover nullified. That’s not going to win games.
  12. He’s more of a change-of-pace back, a pretty good receiver out of the backfield (when your QB gets him the ball), but not a guy who can carry the load.
  13. No worse than Buchner. But as I’ve been saying, until the o-line lives up to the hype, it doesn’t matter who is taking snaps. We should be able to line up and run straight downhill against USF and get 4-5 yards per play. But we’re trying to throw it like we still have Bryce Young, Jalen Waddle and Devonta Smith.
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