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  1. I can’t wait to see tomorrow’s episode of SEC Shorts.
  2. I know Stoops is serving as interim head coach for OU, but Riley took several staff members west with him. How do they fill in the gaps?
  3. I think Cincy matches up well. Their have a balanced offense and a mobile QB. I could easily see this turning into a shootout.
  4. #1 seed gets to pick their site. I’m guessing BAMA picked Arlington due to ease of travel for fans combined with a record of success at AT&T Stadium. #2 seed gets the other site.
  5. We’ve got lots of hurt players at BAMA. He should feel right at home.
  6. I just spoke with Nick. Brady will be coming to Tuscaloosa to fill an “analyst” role that just opened up.
  7. Yeah 3-4 days in South Florida at the end of December is gonna suck for all those Michigan fans.
  8. I think Cincy matches up well with BAMA Balanced offense, dual threat QB, athletic defense. A lot of the things that have given BAMA trouble over the years. Cinch’s starting RB, Jerome Ford, I believe is a BAMA transfer. I think this game will be closer than most expect, and I see a scenario where Cincy could pull the upset. If they do, I’ll be rooting for them in the title game. I like chaos.
  9. He specifically said someone who doesn’t fail every year. ND and OU are a combined 0-6 in the CFP. UGA has a better playoff record than either of them.
  10. Only because the college football establishment wants them to be.
  11. I don’t think the college football establishment will miss an opportunity to put ND on the big stage again. Even though they stuck their neck out for them last year and looked stupid for it. They love them some gaudy gold helmets.
  12. Timpson Lorena China Spring Chapel Hill Texas High Waskom West Refugio Gilmer Gunter
  13. Ok I have the solution for all of you old school guys. I’ve made a few calls and fired off a few emails. Joaquin ISD, the City of Joaquin, and the Greater Joaquin Metroplex Chamber of Commerce have agreed to host the 2021 Texas UIL State Football Championships at Ram Stadium. We have arranged to bring in extra bleachers to accommodate the crowds, as well as installing a beer garden in the east end zone. (Still waiting on the county judge to sign off on that. Be prepared to BYOB.) When they saw that State Farm had opted out, Dean’s Hardware and Worsham’s Grocery agreed to step up as corporate sponsors. In addition, Haslam Trailer Sales and Big Jim’s Truck and Tractor are teaming up to provide a hayride shuttle to and from the Joaquin Baseball Complex to alleviate any concerns about parking. Our new “Cool Turf” playing surface should nix any worries about playing outdoors in the December heat. For all of you out of towners, the 40 rooms at the Executive Inn and Suites will probably fill up quick, so you might want to book early. In case the booster club runs out of chicken strips and Ram Sauce, be ready to visit the Ram House Cafe, Cindy’s Place, Rancho Grande, Lone Star Cafe, Whataburger, or Subway. We’ll look forward to seeing y’all!
  14. If he can be in Tuscaloosa this week he can run the ball in the conference championship game. BAMA is very likely down to one scholarship RB against UGA.
  15. Yea Nick told me that was why he engineered this plan.
  16. Very possibly. Conference championship week will be very interesting.
  17. That game took 10 years off of Ol TRUEBLUE’s life. If we have many more seasons like this, I’m gonna have to change my screen name to truegray82.
  18. Great news! https://247sports.com/college/alabama/Article/Alabama-Football-Recruiting-Alabama-flips-Texas-RB-commit-Jamarion-Miller--176235315/?fbclid=IwAR2gOzt8EfDfbcm1K8r6PUgun9AqJ8uOk43ASosBSi_3pP0ZkWDbGxd98bQ
  19. Austin is an absolute train wreck of a city. Thanks to being overtaken by communists, violent crime is skyrocketing. If the UIL wants to use some of the $$ they rob from schools every year to build a multi-sport complex to host events, great. But there’s at least ten cities in Texas better suited to hosting it than Austin.
  20. They tried that about six years ago. NRG and the city of Houston fumbled the ball big time. I don’t remember anyone who attended, fans, players or coaches, not saying “We need it to go back to AT&T.”
  21. Yeah I heard Air Force 2 was scheduled to land at Garrison International Airport later this week.
  22. Anyone that isn’t Refugio or Shiner beating Timpson this year will be an upset. Beckville has a team that can give them a game if the ball bounces their way.
  23. Dan may need a job on the Star Wars franchise after this season.
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