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  1. Wow. It’s impressive for a team giving up an average of 45.6 points per game to have two kids getting that many tackles. Maybe if they had some help they wouldn’t be 1-8.
  2. Shelbyville looked a little more efficient with the passing game than did SA. Neither was able to run the ball with much success against us. Both are a little lacking in the run defense department. The team that can run the ball better wins this game, just because it allows for balance and helps them control the tempo. I think Shelbyville takes a high scoring affair, 48-41.
  3. Not have I. I was responding to someone else’s statement about what might happen if they have a drop off from their current level of success. We’ve seen TISD make some boneheaded moves in the athletic department before, but that was under a previous administration. The current superintendent is a pretty smart cookie as well and if something isn’t broke, he ain’t gonna start trying to fix it.
  4. I am a very powerful influential figure in the sports media world. I know lots of coaches.
  5. To secure a safety, someone would have to make a tackle in the end zone. Anyone who has paid any attention whatsoever to either of these teams knows that there ain’t no tackling going on. They might as well play flag football in this one. OC wins 66-64.
  6. The key to making that happen is really simple. Can Joaquin run the ball against a 9 man front? They’ve done it effectively to one degree or another in pretty much every game. If we can force them to walk at least one of their safeties up, we can throw the ball occasionally. I don’t think we can throw the ball with any success until they have those safeties closer to the LOS. That’s going to be a key point in this matchup.
  7. If they run Coach T off, they deserve to never have a winning season again. He’s one of the best in the business, and a super nice guy on top of that. They will have to winning program as long as he’s there.
  8. Yes. Kicker was exhausted from extra points and kickoffs after playing Groveton, Ore City and Clarksville so he quit. Also, our holder went out for the season. No kicker and no holder= GO FOR 2.
  9. That’s just off the top of my head. Prior to the Gandy era, Joaquin had five playoff appearances since starting a football program in 1923. (1958, ‘59, ‘84, ‘89, ‘90). We had several years in the 80s where we missed the playoffs with a winning record due to finishing third in a district with EF and Tatum.
  10. This is true, but of Joaquin’s 16 playoff appearances in this century, only one had them seeded lower than a 2 (3rd place behind Tenaha and Mt Enterprise in 2008). On the other 15, they were seeded 2nd 11 times and 1st 4 times. So, if we were still on the 2 qualifier format, Joaquin would have 14 playoff appearances in 21 years. Timpson has spent quite a bit more of that same time span competing in what is now Class AAA D2, so the comparison is somewhat skewed. However, they’ve also spent 4 years in what is now Class AA D2, and made the playoffs all of those years. I’m not sure any of this matters Friday night.
  11. Yeah District 9 is basically already decided, except for the 4 seed, which is going to come down to Frankston or LK. District 11 is pretty cut and dried as well. I’m told that a special task of math professors from UT, A&M and Texas Tech are working out the scenarios from District 12. Ol TRUEBLUE ain’t going near that one.
  12. I thought that looked like him! I did not know he had left the oil and gas industry.
  13. Playoff scenarios for each team: Timpson (7-0/ 2-0) locked into a playoff spot with wins over Garrison and San Augustine. Can clinch the district title with a win over Joaquin Friday night. A loss drops them into the prime spot to capture the 2 seed with a week 11 win at home vs Shelbyville. Consecutive losses could drop them as low as 4th. Joaquin (5-2/ 2-0) locked into a playoff spot with wins over San Augustine and Shelbyville. They can clinch the district title with a home win Friday night vs Timpson. A loss drops them into prime position to capture the 2 seed with a week 11 win at Garrison. Consecutive losses could drop them as low as 4th. Shelbyville (5-3/ 1-1) still control their own destiny. Their win was over Garrison by 6, loss to Joaquin by 6. They need a win Friday night over San Augustine to lock in a postseason berth. Could climb as high as #2 with consecutive wins over San Augustine and Timpson. Could drop out of the playoff picture with consecutive losses. Garrison (3-3/ 1-2) is not locked in to playoff spot. their win was over San Augustine by one, lost to Shelbyville by 6 and Timpson by 52. They have a week 10 bye. Can climb as high as 2nd if they can beat Joaquin in week 11, depending on points, if Joaquin loses to Timpson Friday. San Augustine (1-7/ 0-3) needs help to get in. They need to beat Shelbyville in week 10, and need Joaquin to beat Garrison and Timpson to beat Shelbyville in week 11 as well. That would force a 3-way tie for 3rd, giving the Wolfpack the upper hand because their loss to Garrison was by one point.
  14. yeah we’ve seen him for 3 years now. IMHO he’s the best pure RB in AA. Very good at ILB as well. Good knockback tackler. Very physical.
  15. Not necessarily. In week 11 SA has a bye, Shelbyville plays Timpson and Garrison plays Joaquin. If SA beats SV and Garrison loses to Joaquin, that leaves those three at 1-3 in a 3-way tie for 3rd, which means points come into play.
  16. The fact that OC is favored to win says a lot about ND.
  17. You might as well go ahead and jump on the Timpson bandwagon. We’re getting by just fine without you over here in J-town. The past three weeks have been pretty nice.
  18. Joaquin and Timpson are both qualified for the playoffs. Winner of Joaquin/ Timpson is locked in at #1. Loser will have to win their week 11 game (Joaquin at Garrison, Shelbyville at Timpson) to nail down the #2 seed. Several different tiebreaker scenarios come into play depending on how it all shakes out. No one is mathematically eliminated from playoff contention at this point.
  19. No they were somewhat outnumbered in BDS. There was no field rushing either. BAMA fans kinda follow the Bear Bryant rule about celebrating touchdowns: “Act like you’ve been there before.” As is tradition, most of the fans lit up cigars once the victory was secured. The stadium looked like it was on fire for a while.
  20. Young and the offense looked a whole lot better than the defense. Can we fire Pete Golding already, or at least get him subpoenaed to testify against the Clintons?
  21. You must have a really good camera to get that from your living room recliner.
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