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  1. I’m not convinced Shelbyville can beat a true physical football team, and that is what Garrison is this year. If Shelbyville can throw the ball effectively they can make it interesting, but Garrison’s pass D is significantly better than Joaquin’s. I think Garrison will be able to move the ball with a balanced offense and get enough stops on defense to pull away in the second half. Garrison 42 Shelbyville 24
  2. 1st place in the Big 12 and in the SEC west both on the line in Texas.
  3. So with LSU losing , that means BAMA at A&M next week is for 1st place in the west. Any of you Aggie fans want to help your Smoaky brethren out by making me a deal on your tickets?
  4. Hey I didn’t say I agreed with him. I just said it was stated by someone else.
  5. Timpson will get the 4 seed out of District 12 in round 1. Likely Jewett Leon or Groveton.
  6. It was stated in another thread that they defeated James Bowie, a highly ranked 2A D2 team. Clearly they are a force to reckon with.
  7. The offense is pretty decent, just inconsistent. They cleaned things up quite a bit this week. Garrison is a really good football team. Defensively, our youth really shows up. A lot of kids getting caught out of position or making the wrong reads, and the tackling problem is part of being young as well. I see some kids really stepping up. Elijah Hardison runs the ball hard on offense, and is quickly turning into a quality linebacker as the game slows down for him. Duncan McCann probably had his best game of the season tonight. It’s also worth noting that the five teams that have beaten us are a combined 22-5. It’s not like we’re playing a soft schedule. I’m optimistic.
  8. Congrats to Garrison. Good looking football team. Big and physical in the trenches, a trio of RBs that can tote the rock, QB that manages things well and has a nice touch on the ball, and a solid defense. I see a big improvement in the Rams from last week to this week. I think our O-line cut their penalties in half. 4, 7 and 22 ran the ball hard. Just need to keep working. And we need to tackle better on defense. Good luck to Garrison moving forward.
  9. Before people start hammering the Beckville staff for running it up, most of their starters barely played at all in the second half. The last 3 TDs were by 2s and 3s, and a JV RB ran out of bounds to keep from scoring the TD that would have made it 98-12 with a PAT pending. From the sound of things, they did all they could do to keep things in hand.
  10. Joaquin 1. Bradley Gandy (2002) 2. Marcus Bledsoe (1987-90) 3. Connor Bragg (2016-19) 4. Malik Stotts (2019-22) 5. Eric Permenter (2005-07) John Garrett (mid 90s) would perhaps be at the top of this list, but he transferred to Corrigan-Camden after his sophomore year. Nate Belrose would probably be very high on this list, but unfortunately suffered a torn right ACL in week 7 of his junior year, and a torn left ACL in week 4 of his senior year.
  11. What about old RTF1? Is he any count as a a fisherman?
  12. Sounds like you and ole RTF1 been fishing together again. How’s the bite?
  13. Apple Srings New Waverly Woodville Jasper Joaquin Grapeland Timpson Diboll Hemphill Newton Leverett's Chapel Mexia Rice Consolidated Waskom Pine Tree Lufkin
  14. That’s a good question. Justin Samford had the most wins, Chad Lawrence was really exciting to watch, Cole Leflett was probably the toughest football player I ever saw and took us to the state semifinals, and Will Vaughn had a little bit of everything.
  15. Tracy Mitchell, 90-91. A true dual threat QB. Regularly threw for 300 yards per game. Kids from Joaquin today don’t believe me when I tell them about it.
  16. 19 year old 8th graders don’t count.
  17. Players are young for the most part. We were very senior heavy last year and it showed. A physically mature offensive line was able to impose their will on a lot of opponents and some 3 year starters in the backfield took full advantage of it. This team has four seniors on it, and a lot of the juniors that are starting are doing so for the first time. On top of that, every opponent on the schedule is a better football team than they were a year ago. It’s just football.
  18. They said old Zach ain’t nothin but a Cajun wannabe. They offered for you to come down to their compound on Toledo Bend for some authentic boudin and cracklins.
  19. I’m hearing that the Boucher triplets (Robby, Roberto and Bobby Jr) may be eligible to play this week. We’ve been telling them that KirtFalcon doesn’t like water and has been making derogatory remarks about their mama. It’s gonna be a game changer.
  20. 1. BAMA won 2. Notre Dame lost. 3. Auburn lost It’s been a good day.
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