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  1. West Risk like Tatum is going to have to play defense to win this game. Winny has change some under Finney but it's still ball control as it's always been. Back a few years ago Winny also was a strong hard hitting defense. Close game and I would call it a toss up.
  2. At the first of the year I would have said Tatum by 3TDS . But Tatum has had trouble showing up every Friday and when they do its not been for 4 quarters. I think Tatum has more talent but will they show up to play. The key to this game will be if Tatum defense put together a plan to stop Sneed. I read the comments on the Gladewater game and I saw that most of the people were taking about Gladewater not scoring. Sorry but if you let a running back rush for over two hundred yards and you know that teams going to give him the ball over 30 times then you are going to get beat.For Tatum to win thi
  3. I'm not sold that Harmony is solid but neithe is anyone in the district. They will be the team to beat.
  4. GS Not much of a rival when you are as bad as Quitman. Hate it because Ouitman use to be a great competitor in East Texas. Just don't have the kids to compete.
  5. I think this district is wide open. Harmony will win it but after that no clear order. No team stands out. Will get one playoff win because the district they will play is weak.
  6. Will go with Sabine but not confident. Not sure how strong this district is. West Risk narrow win was surprising.
  7. Because they are going against good competition for the rest of the year. WR should handle them easily. Gladewater and Sabine will be to tuff also. Tatum it depends on with team shows up. But still think they win. That leaves Winny and WO. Winny I predict will win. WO not sure they will. Just my prediction after looking at the preseason games. Gladewater , WR, Tatum played tuff preseason schedules. Sabine and Winny not so tuff but won their games like you should if your a good team. WO just had had trouble all year. Not sure if they are rebuilding or what. Mineola has play a weak preseason, l
  8. Gladewater for the win but will be a better game than some expect
  9. WR by as many as they want. Mineola may win one game the rest of the season.
  10. Tatum by 7. Tatum not what I thought they were going to be.
  11. No but Famersville is pretty bad. Don't understand it being on the outskirts of the city. A few years ago they were competitive. Moving up hurt but they are playing 3A teams. Mineola beat them 40-3 and Canton and Willis Point only wins were against Mineola.
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