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  1. I wonder if they're looking for someone with AD experience??? Or if they would be willing to go young??? Dekalb has potential, it'll just take the right fit.
  2. How is this not a hot topic? What's going on over in Dekalb? Any news?
  3. I agree. I think this defensive unit was put together to get some of that blame off Romo. Maybe trying to get him off the hot seat. It's working. Even I can't find a way to blame Romo this year.
  4. Nope, me and Taco will probably be throwing fists halfway through the 1st. That'll be much more gratifying.
  5. I hope that Pachall's drug dealer doesn't show up at the LSU hotel.
  6. August 31st on ESPN. Can Gary Teletubby Patterson get his "athletes" up for this one?
  7. That's one more step in the right direction than little J.
  8. He must be one heck of a guy to sign all of those autographs for multiple people in multiple states for free. After all, none of his behavior this off season has come across as selfish, self gratifying or self centered. (before any of you ags decide to comment on this post, please understand the enormous amount of sarcasm that is running through it. I know some of you struggle with this concept.)
  9. Both have apologized and are remorseful for their poor decisions......which are not what you describe. Little Johnny seem "A-OK" being the little thug that he is.
  10. If aggy would recruit kids with a little more character, then none of this would be happening.
  11. I think the NCAA should stay out of this mess and just let Sumlin put little johnny's eligibility up for a vote in the aggy locker room. Silly aggies have been in the SEC for a year now and still cant play the part.
  12. Well I know for a FACT that if aggy had played the La Tech Bulldogs in week 1 like it was on the schedule that aggy has one additional loss last year. Don't ask me to prove it. I don't have the time.
  13. ^^^I don't think he got ran off. I think he just decided for himself that there were greener pastures for him elsewhere. They should name the stadium after him in my opinion. Tough place to win.
  14. I heard that Josh Finney counted to infinity.......TWICE
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