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  1. Thanks to the coaches and players for another great season. It could've been worse.
  2. Not to be ungrateful but the camera person for Wylie is killing me. Who changes to field level in the middle of a play?
  3. The journey began in December of 1997 when my dad and I attended my first Lobo game. That game just happened to be the state championship game against Katy. I remember the atmosphere, pregame and the band. However most of all I remember the fans, the barking, howling fans and the train horn. Everyone remembers a missed opportunity to win a state championship. I remember how I got hooked on Lobo football. Each year we would follow Longview until they lost, not ready to end the season we would look at the remaining playoff games. After deciding which game to go watch, off we would go until
  4. My nephew flew in from New Zealand for that game. His first American football game. He had a blast but he about froze to death.
  5. We know how good our defense is. Offense I'm worried about....passing game specifically.
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