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  1. Yes, UIL website has locations listed.
  2. The mayor of Austin extended the stay at home for Austin until May 8th so if that does not kill the UIL year I will be shocked.
  3. North Lamar school board just called another bond issue. Most of the people in the newspaper article discussing it were totally against it and the majority said the same thing-"What part of NO did they not understand?".
  4. Anyone hearing of any appeals to their district assignment? Usually there are a few.
  5. So is the Longview/Temple game part of a doubleheader with Southlake Carroll/Austin Westlake?
  6. The UIL sent the proposal to a Medical Advisory Committee for further study.
  7. Just read where there is proposal being submitted to the UIL to ban train horns at football games. Any thoughts? They don't bother me once I know a team had one. The one thing I could never get used to was when we lived in Tyler in the early 70's was Lee firing their cannon. I jumped every time-LOL!
  8. Three weeks after announcing his retirement Coach Randy Allen changed his mind and will coach the Scots in 2018.
  9. Just reading where Randy Allen just announced his retirement. Not a bad way to go out two-time defending 5A Div. 1 champ. Should be interesting who applies.
  10. Rumors (not officially confirmed by FWISD) are that the FW YMLA will drop their football program rather than compete in 6A. Sad for the kids but totally understand their decision. It was an uphill battle the last two years just in 5A (I think they did make the play-offs this past year actually) but this jump was too much to face some of the Arlington schools next year.
  11. Jon Kitna just resigned from Waxahachie.
  12. Any info on DeKalb's non-district schedule? Saw on earlier post the Bears were playing Prairiland Week 1.
  13. I was wondering same thing. Example Desoto-Athletic director or acting head coach?
  14. Dallas Morning News has started listing non-district tentative schedules for 2018. One early interesting game is Cedar Hill vs Tyler John Tyler in Week 1.
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