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  1. West Rusk 50 Elysian Fields 35 Raiders improve to 5-3 in district play.
  2. This is the product of "no child left behind" policies.
  3. I'm beginning to think West Rusk might get dead last in this district but would be a playoff team in most others. This district looks stacked from top to bottom.
  4. Basketball season for all but 4 schools in the classification...
  5. That was my thoughts too. But they never threw anything at him once, looked like he had the height and speed for a good screen pass snag.
  6. IMO neither team that I saw last night has what it takes to beat Canadian. I'm expecting a similar score as their semifinal game against Gunter. What was the deal with the Franklin player's jersey number switches over and over, seemed kinda strange?
  7. Got my tickets, no dog in the fight so I'm not picking a winner. I'm just looking forward to 2 outstanding teams trying to punch their ticket to the championship game. Congratulations to both teams for making it this far, unfortunately their has to be a loser among these 2 incredible programs. Good luck and safe travels to all competing and attending.
  8. Cant come out flat against a good team like Waskom and expect a different outcome than what just happened. Good season Raiders. It was fun to watch them grew into a powerful and competitive team. Youth and poor strength of schedule bit them today and growing pains happened. On the bright side its gonna be fun to watch this bunch the next few seasons. #RPND
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