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  1. I saw this and was like damnnn. That's cleaner than a mother..... https://twitter.com/AuDesigns/status/1526551067345006593?t=5pBM8rrFbz51RyE0vhc4Eg&s=19
  2. It's not a wait and see. He never suited up for JT and he never will. How hard is that to comprehend. You never even seen the kid play or know who he is.
  3. Are they using the field at Legacy? I know Christus is hosting a clinic at Legacy Saturday from 8am to 2pm.
  4. It is incredible but those other girls were slow as a .
  5. I like the post but honestly. $50,000 is not enough in today's society. No less than $75,000 in my book. Not because of all the stuff they do and put up with. Everything just cost to much now.
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