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  1. False. Bremond Tigers qb Roshauud Paul won 3 state championships and finished his high school career 47-0 as the starting qb.
  2. This senior class was pretty good for Jville. I watched them when they were in middle school. They were cold in basketball also. Do alot of the seniors not play anymore?
  3. Can you buy tickets at the gate or do you have to get them online?
  4. Yeah he beat a ex Marshall db named Michael Jamison for the go ahead td.
  5. I'm a check this game out Friday since both Tyler schools have a bye week. I have a cousin who plays reciever for Lindale.
  6. Should be a good game. The refs could definitely play a deciding factor in this game.
  7. I already knew why they had it muted. You could hear a lot of cussing and complaining going on with the fans in the stands. Everyone else got it synced to where you don't hear all the extra bs. Tisd can do it also. Free or not.
  8. I get what you are saying but alot of school district's broadcast their games for free on YouTube. If you want people to continue watching your games you have to do it right or don't do it at all. Tisd is better than this.
  9. Damn that's crazy if you can't go back and watch the previous games.
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