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  1. JT blue and white spring game is today at the campus at 6pm.
  2. I know. I was just saying he gave an explanation as to why he deleted his tweet. We don't have to speculate on nothing as to why he deleted his tweet. You can it hear from the horses mouth.
  3. Did you read his tweet as to why he deleted his tweet?
  4. I never said anything about the cop, or the girl who was shot, or the girl who was about to be stabbed. I'm not saying the cop was right or wrong. I was speaking on Lebrons tweet and how people took it out of context. I didn't see how he meant incite violence from his tweet. That's what I have a problem with. If that's what you got from that, then that's what you wanted it to be.
  5. So accountability means violence? The news is always right? If you got he means violence from that, then that's what you want to believe. When I saw it I didn't think the word accountability at the end means violence. You're next # accountability means you will be held accountable. Common sense to understand. Don't make it more than what it is.
  6. Lebron said you're next #accountability. How is that inciting violence? That means at least to me, you will be held accountable for your actions. Not you are going to be killed. Some people love to twist things and not tell the whole story.
  7. I'll like to give a shout out to JT boys on winning the district tennis championship and the girls being runner ups.
  8. Let that sink in. 1470 came from Tisd. How big would Legacy and Tyler be if they were still in Tisd? Also count the kids from Rise and Early College. Throw in Tyler Classical Academy in the mix. I could see Legacy in the 3000 range and Tyler in 2500-2600 range.
  9. Oh ok. They are not the most sought out private school in Tyler. If they do have some big things on the horizon, that's great for them.
  10. You started way back when they started off as a private school. Why you don't rep them if you had an affiliation with them? Lol.
  11. Cumberland is not a private school. It's a charter school.
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