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  1. Somebody doesn't know South Texas from West Texas.
  2. https://t.co/JOebcaDLqy?amp=1
  3. D-1 doesn't equate to state championships.
  4. Some people just talk.......
  5. That's why I said I think football would be better for Walker. Definitely more opportunities for him.
  6. As for as East Texas is concerned. Football is your meal ticket. We have some good high school basketball players but none really good enough to go off to a big college and hoop. Kids don't hope like we used to hoop. You have to work on your skills in basketball to truly be great. The last true good basketball players to me was Justin Johnson lil brother and Tyus that could actually hoop. Alot of these kids are just good athletes. Not hoopers. Ashad can hoop but nothing that will warrant a D1 scholarship in my opinion.
  7. Don't forget about Ashad Walker. He is back playing football.
  8. Legacy needs a qb more than anything. I'll hate to see this year go to waste because of the lack of qb play.
  9. I see McFall made team captain. That let's me know the team has a lot of respect for this young man. When was the last time a sophomore made team captain at JT? Have they ever had a sophomore be a team captain? He is going to be a 3 year captain. That's saying alot. I'm high on this young man also. He definitely has that it factor. He is a star at 3 major sports.
  10. Ok. Offense should be back to normal with a dual threat qb. They are really starting to come around. I like the chemistry of this team.
  11. Should have kept the old coach who had been there along time.
  12. I just posted this on the no streaming thread.
  13. https://www.cbs19.tv/article/news/local/uil-to-discuss-live-streaming-friday-night-football-games/501-deb426e3-f85c-46ee-83a8-999c63c6bf28 UIL approves streaming for Friday Night games.
  14. I really don't know. I doubt it. It would be great if there were seats all the way around the court. I know one thing. They won't have the worse sound system anymore. I still wish they would have built brand new varsity gymnasiums for both schools. It looks great though.
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