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  1. No. He rushed for 2800+ yards and had 40 rushing tds. How is that regression?
  2. If that's true. He shouldn't have a problem at all winning state in the 100 meters. Hell he'll win the 100 meters in all classes.
  3. How can they start 3 freshmen o linemen when they only had 3 freshman on the team. An o lineman, reciever, and qb. Now you are saying they were rotating them. Apparently you didn't follow Lee. You definitely have no clue about what is going on.
  4. I don't know where this 3 freshman started on Lee's offensive line come from. They only started 1 freshman on the line. They had 3 juniors and a sophomore starting also.
  5. How many Hispanics are actually good at football besides being the punter or kicker? If you are not better than the players on the team. What good is it to have you dressed out just sitting on the sidelines. Just having a bunch of players on the sidelines who are not good enough to get on the field does the team no good.
  6. Kilgore has to have one of the toughest non district schedules, if not the toughest, in all of 4a.
  7. Damn. Well we are next to .
  8. Damn. He didn't want to play qb, but he excelled at the position. He played the position so great. He won a state championship. Not bad playing a position you don't want to play.
  9. Seriously though. Where do you predict Legacy to finish record wise?
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