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  1. I saw this and was like damnnn. That's cleaner than a mother..... https://twitter.com/AuDesigns/status/1526551067345006593?t=5pBM8rrFbz51RyE0vhc4Eg&s=19
  2. It's not a wait and see. He never suited up for JT and he never will. How hard is that to comprehend. You never even seen the kid play or know who he is.
  3. Are they using the field at Legacy? I know Christus is hosting a clinic at Legacy Saturday from 8am to 2pm.
  4. It is incredible but those other girls were slow as a .
  5. I like the post but honestly. $50,000 is not enough in today's society. No less than $75,000 in my book. Not because of all the stuff they do and put up with. Everything just cost to much now.
  6. There is a person on this board that is a consensus all American at being wrong 100% of the time. I didn't think nothing was 100% or guaranteed but death. That got debunked. I was definitely proven wrong. Someone is wrong 100% of the time on this board. I'll let y'all figure it out on who it is.
  7. What information do you have to support that he is coming back? Nothing. Stop being delusional. He will not, I repeat he will not be back at JT. For those of you are slow (only 1 person).
  8. A McFall, Hampton, Wade, Williams, and Tatum combination would have been deadly for any team to deal with. I truly believe Hampton presence would have put this team into the Mount Rushmore of JT teams. Like I envisioned them to be when they were in middle school. They have other good players also. But these players are the cream of the crop.
  9. What have you said that was factual? Nothing. I thought you were talking about the move in who would be a senior in the fall. Not a junior. I didn't ask you about the 6'6 reciever. I already know about him. You didn't know he existed. Once again, you said nothing factual. You have a opinion as well as I. I bet my prediction will be more realistic than the predictions you post every year.
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