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  1. Gladewater is definitely closer to Longview than Gilmer. Not that it matters. I just couldn't let that go unnoticed.
  2. Damn Nac y'all beat Whitehouse last week and turn back into how y'all 1st 4 games went.
  3. So what's the issue? You return that many starters and the team sucks so badly. Offers doesn't mean anything when the unit as a whole is not holding up their end of the bargain.
  4. If you like Mexican food. Try Ruby's out. She opened her 1st restaurant 2 years ago. She opened her 3rd restaurant a couple of months ago. Now she is looking for a spot to open her 4th restaurant. She is blowing up fast. She has the hottest spot in town right now.
  5. No it definitely a 0% chance for Bullard to win. They had no shot at all.
  6. Big boy's doesn't mean they are worth anything.
  7. They have talent at the skill position players. The talent where it counts. Not so much.
  8. This must be Tech national championship game. Calm down its only the 4th game of the year. Beating Texas doesn't have that same aura about them nowadays.
  9. I heard that on the broadcast last night. He needed every carry he had last night for Longview to win.
  10. Dude ran the ball 27 times last night. How many more touches does he need?
  11. I was wrong about Lancaster. They are way better than I thought. Longview needed a game like this.
  12. It's time to relax. Bullard is showing no life.
  13. The freshman and jv teams are doing good.
  14. The freshman and jv teams are doing good.
  15. Like the singer Sunshine Anderson said. I heard it all before. Longview won't show Aldeo nothing that haven't seen before.
  16. I see JT finishing the season at 1-9. I don't know who else they have left on their schedule that I can honestly say they have a shot to win. Everyone who would have put money on JT to be good this year lost all of their money. That stock started off so high in two a days and plummeted into the negative after the Legacy lost. People are committing suicide because they put everything into that one stock to yield such a high return and lost everything in a matter of two weeks.
  17. Mcfall was never a qb. I do give him credit for doing what the coaches asked him to do. He was just thrown into the fire.
  18. Bullard has never been known for having a plethora of athletes.
  19. Damn Lancaster must have a good freshman team. It seems unusual for Longview to lose a game on the freshman level. That's how good they have been over the years.
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