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  1. I haven’t posted in a long time, and I’m only posting this in hopes the dude from Texas down low sees it! Lol To say that “Carthage wasn’t impressive” and “if it weren’t for the refs LH wins by 3 touchdowns”, is asinine. Imo if we didn’t have the huge multiple dropped passes, we would be planning for a game next week. We shot ourselves in the foot all night with dropped passes and missed tackles. I honestly don’t think we played Carthage football last night. LH broke some runs, don’t get me wrong, but the WIND was a killer on our passing game, not LH defense. Now I see why their coach refused to play us indoors.
  2. Hey, I know I don't post on here much, but, where in the world did all y'all get your internet law degrees?? Asking for a friend of course. Just had to get on here and make sure that I was right to suspect that some of the good ol folks of smoaky would turn a horrible situation into ammo for their hatred of Carthage.
  3. I loved when Surratt said in an interview that you wouldn't believe how hard Ingram worked this past week after those fumbles. Hard work sure pays off!
  4. Ahhh I gotcha. I'm used to following the NFL rules lol thanks for clearing that up
  5. Uh yeah it was. He was laying in the endzone with his hands on the ball lol
  6. I don't post on here much, but holy cow at the support the Dawgs got on their way out of town today!! There were people lined up everywhere, all the schools were standing by the road screaming and yelling! And thank you to our neighbors at Beckville and Tatum that also supported them as they drove through!!
  7. Excuse me, went off what etsn said. My bad.
  8. Coach surratt and blissett celebrating, awesome picture if you ask me
  9. Silsbee not gonna use last two timeouts
  10. Radio said reminds them of shun from my graduating year! Talk about a beast
  11. Gotta give it to silsbee, they got a good running qb
  12. Blissett has broke the Carthage passing yards in a game record
  13. Carthage recovers fumble at silsbee 14
  14. Carthage has the ball inside silsbee 5
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