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  1. Texas hires Chris Beard as next basketball coach. Solid hire, IMO.
  2. By no means am I saying Beard is the guy, or that he should be the #1 target. My only argument above, was for my reasoning as to why I think he'd be better than Smart was. Jay Wright is a phenomenal coach. The question with him would be, how would he fit. He's a North East guy. For whatever reason, great coaches at one place don't always equate to great coaches somewhere else.
  3. I get your reason for pessimism, but I also don't think you're looking at the full picture. Yes, he's primarily only been at 1 school (1 year at Little Rock). Yes, his overall 'record' seems average, outside of 1 great year. But here's the pieces you're failing to see: For starters, everything he's done the last 5 years has been at Texas Tech. Not really a school anyone's ever considered to have a strong tournament history. - 1 Tournament appearance previous 10 years, prior to Beard - 13 years since the last time they made it past the first round
  4. Well, he did take them to the Championship game, just 3 years ago. I'd say that's a bit better than just average.
  5. As well as an early injury. Jake Smith is believed to have broken his foot
  6. Based on what? Here's where I'm at with both Dak, and my expectations... I like Dak. He seems to be a good guy, and I do think he's a good QB...good, not great. I also think he's very inconsistent, and NOT worth $40M a year. Since Dak took over in 2016: - He's 19-5 against the NFC East. 79% winning pct. - He's 23-21 against everyone else. 52% winning pct. - He's 12-21 against teams with a winning record. 36% winning pct. The ONLY season Dallas has been successful (outside the NFC East) since Dak took over, was in 2016. They have not had a winning rec
  7. Agree 100%. I like the staff he's put together, and what he's doing on the recruiting trail already, but he's also never had a problem recruiting. He recruited very well at USC too (Top 3 classes), but he could never put together much success on the field. And where have we recently seen this same thing, oh yeah, with Tom Herman. So while I'm excited about the change, I'll save my optimism for when I start seeing success on the field.
  8. Derek Kerstetter announced that he will return for his 5th season.
  9. Sark gets his first 5* recruit. QB Maalik Murphy commits!
  10. The team I find most intriguing for the '21 season, is Ole Miss. They finished 5-5 in '20, but were very competitive in their losses. Against LSU (and I know LSU was down), they turned the ball over 6 times, and still only lost by 5. Against Florida, they put up 613 yards and 35 points Against Bama, they put up 647 yards, 48 points (the most against Bama in '20), and was within 3 halfway through the 4th quarter. Against Auburn, they lost the turnover battle 2-0 (to your point above), and lost by only 7. Their worst loss, Arkansas, they turned the ball over 7 times,
  11. Thank goodness! When I read that report last night, I thought, you were on a roll with making great hires and just ruined it!
  12. Texas interviewed Dan Lanning for the DC position today. Lanning has served as the DC for Georgia the last two years, and was Georgia's LB coach the year prior to that. This would be an exciting hire. Lanning is a young coach, 34, and has done well at Georgia the last couple of seasons. Georgia had the #2 scoring defense is college football last season (they were 16 the year prior), with an improvement of 6 ppg. This season, Georgia ranked #2 in the SEC, behind only Alabama (showed only SEC here as many of the teams ranked above them nationally only played 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 games).
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