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  1. And the fact the you actually believe that is why things are as bad as they are right now.
  2. It has nothing to do with a feeling. It’s what’s actually happening around us. You’re just too blind to see it because the liberal party has you brainwashed. As I said, even the rest of the world can see it.
  3. So many delusional people that can’t see reality right in front of them. What a shame.
  4. It’s really pathetic. If you’re a democrat, I understand you don’t want Trump, DeSantis, or any other Republican as President; you want a democrat. But my gosh, anyone in their right mind can see this man should be in a home, NOT serving as President of the United States. And I truly question the intelligence of anyone who actually believes he’s doing a good job. And don’t just listen to we conservatives, listen to the other leaders around the world! They are laughing at him, and us, and think we are weak. Those that continue to put him out there should be ashamed of themselves. Have some moral dignity and find yourself a democrat that at least knows where he is without having to have everyone around him tell him.
  5. Oh, and let’s not forget these things too… He’s waved/saluted at more people that aren’t there more than anyone ever! He’s fallen more times than every President before him, combined!
  6. Give credit where credit is due. Biden HAS done big things… He’s increased inflation more than we’ve seen in years. He’s increased illegal border crossings more than we’ve seen in years. He’s increased crime all over the country. He’s increased gas prices more than we’ve seen in years. He’s lowered the value of women more than we’ve seen in years. He’s increased the delusion of the liberals more than we’ve ever seen. Yes, Biden has done BIG things!
  7. So why did you never comment on all the Memorial Day shootings and killings in Chicago? Rhetorical question, I already know the answer. That doesn’t fit the narrative.
  8. The very people that are arguing, ‘Accept who you are.’, are the very people trying to change themselves.
  9. Then perhaps stop mutilating kids. There are only two genders. Pretending to be anything else is just that, pretend. To believe anything else is a mental disorder.
  10. Why so negative? He’s just as likely to grow into the #1 overall recruit as he is to regress, so why the constant negativity?
  11. Elite QB recruits can also help attract other top recruits.
  12. About which part? That Trump did call him out? That would be accurate. That Trump also gets angry at the press, all the time? That's also accurate. It's okay, those things can all be true and you can still vote for Trump, lol.
  13. And once again, you clearly can't comprehend either, because what I did, was point out his hypocrisy. You can call it whatever you want...a fact, calling someone out (which yes, he DID do, being a fact doesn't change that), etc...it's still something Trump does ALL THE TIME! And that is also called a fact.
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