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  1. I just don’t understand this move. He’s in a far better situation with OU. He’s got a far better roster at OU, young QB, consistently in the playoff hunt, etc. USC is not what it was. They’re aren’t a good football team.
  2. FINAL WEEK!! Remember, this thread is for picks only. Game discussions are for another thread. As always, reply with only your picks. Do not just bold or underline your pick. I repeat, reply with only your picks, next to the number of that game, and do not forget to include your prediction of the tiebreaker game! Incomplete entries will not be graded. All entries must be submitted by 6:00 PM, FRIDAY, Dec. 3rd. Western Kentucky @ UTSA Oregon vs Utah Baylor vs Oklahoma State Kent State vs Northern Illinois Utah State @ San Diego State Appalachian State @ Louisiana Georgia vs Alabama Houston @ Cincinnati Michigan vs Iowa Pittsburgh vs Wake Forest *Tiebreaker: Georgia-Bama total points
  3. Winner at 8-2, by tiebreaker: ramsn03 (3 off) Also at 8-2: DoubleTeam (7 off) Lobo97 (16 off) 7-3: Retiredfan DaveTV RP3Lobo 6-4: Stoney Bearliever Mavgrad WETSU LOL Baron
  4. Bama will be knocked out when they lose to Georgia. My Final 4 prediction: Georgia Michigan Cincinnati Oklahoma State
  5. No, it wouldn’t have. Seeding still matters.
  6. Too funny. https://www.si.com/.amp/college/2021/11/28/oklahoma-state-trolls-lincoln-riley-oklahoma-lsu-rumors-callin-baton-rouge
  7. I’m not sure exactly what your implication is here. As for the end of your comment, yes, name is significant. Hence why I made the correction for you. Ohio and Ohio State are two separate programs.
  8. Clearly, yet you said Ohio, which is their own University.
  9. Dak has been a bit off since returning from the game he missed. I expected it the first game against Denver, but not sure why it’s still ongoing. Outside of that, however, Smith has been out at LT, Cooper has been out 2 games now. And Lamb has been out since Q2 of the KC game. And Zeke has been playing hurt. That’s all a lot to deal with.
  10. This entire comment is absolutely ridiculous. For starters, they DID play to the end. How else do you think they came back to force OT. They did that with multiple key starters out AND fighting the refs from start to finish as well. It was far more than 1, 2, or 3 bad calls. So you wanna ‘throw in your towel’, that’s fine. You likely weren’t the fan you claimed to be anyway.
  11. The only thing I disagree with here is the fumble. It did matter. It mattered, because rather than getting the ball at the LV 40, they ended up with the ball inside their own 10.
  12. The fumble in the 1st quarter was absolutely a catch and fumble. The two holding calls against the center were both bs. One negated a 30 yard run. The roughing the passer against Parsons was bs. Carr fell into him as he was running forward. That should not be a penalty. There was a 1st down catch by the Raiders in 3rd and long, where Jones completely pushed Diggs about 4 yards down the field. No call. And many more.
  13. How are you supposed to look back when the WR is grabbing your head?
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