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  1. Oh, I'm sure of that. From an SEC perspective, however, adding Texas and OU would be huge for them. Those two brands are far bigger than A&M.
  2. Yes, but the one advantage A&M has had recruiting in Texas is conference affiliation. Being able to pitch playing in the SEC, while still staying close to home. That would obviously go out the window.
  3. I also believe that IF this happened, it would be the worst for A&M.
  4. I think OU joining the SEC is more likely than Texas. Texas would have to be willing to do away with the LHN. Not sure they are willing to do that.
  5. Agreed. This has been an incredible tournament to this point. I hate seeing it ruined by this.
  6. Possibly. I just never understand why it takes some of these players 3 years to figure that out. I can understand it during their freshman year, but by your Junior year, you should have acclimated by now.
  7. But neither can Whittington, whom he's battling for a starting spot.
  8. Sometimes pitchers are simply in the zone, and pitch an incredible game. How about giving the MSU pitcher some credit.
  9. Texas hires Chris Beard as next basketball coach. Solid hire, IMO.
  10. By no means am I saying Beard is the guy, or that he should be the #1 target. My only argument above, was for my reasoning as to why I think he'd be better than Smart was. Jay Wright is a phenomenal coach. The question with him would be, how would he fit. He's a North East guy. For whatever reason, great coaches at one place don't always equate to great coaches somewhere else.
  11. I get your reason for pessimism, but I also don't think you're looking at the full picture. Yes, he's primarily only been at 1 school (1 year at Little Rock). Yes, his overall 'record' seems average, outside of 1 great year. But here's the pieces you're failing to see: For starters, everything he's done the last 5 years has been at Texas Tech. Not really a school anyone's ever considered to have a strong tournament history. - 1 Tournament appearance previous 10 years, prior to Beard - 13 years since the last time they made it past the first round
  12. Well, he did take them to the Championship game, just 3 years ago. I'd say that's a bit better than just average.
  13. As well as an early injury. Jake Smith is believed to have broken his foot
  14. Based on what? Here's where I'm at with both Dak, and my expectations... I like Dak. He seems to be a good guy, and I do think he's a good QB...good, not great. I also think he's very inconsistent, and NOT worth $40M a year. Since Dak took over in 2016: - He's 19-5 against the NFC East. 79% winning pct. - He's 23-21 against everyone else. 52% winning pct. - He's 12-21 against teams with a winning record. 36% winning pct. The ONLY season Dallas has been successful (outside the NFC East) since Dak took over, was in 2016. They have not had a winning rec
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