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  1. I used to be able to get a #1 meal at CFA for just over $6. Now, same meal costs me over $10.
  2. Elite 2026 QB Dia Bell has committed to Texas!
  3. Good news is, whether they lose by 50 or by 1, the Celtics still only get 1 win in a best of 7 series.
  4. This is what I mean when I say, liberals can't tell the difference between disliking the sin, not the person. It's great that your kids like people of the opposite sex. We should all love everyone. I've never said otherwise. You generally respond, however, that by speaking out against the sin, that we, I, hate the person. That's far from accurate. Take the story of the Samaritan woman at the well (someone else shared it the other day). In that time, that woman was considered an inferior based on her sex, where she was from, and her past (sinful life). Jesus still sought her out. What he did not do, however, was tell her in the end to go keep living in sin. As Christians, we ARE commanded to share the gospel, the truth. Romans 10:14 says, 'How are they to believe in him whom they have not heard?'. Whether a person wants to accept the message or not is up to them, but we as Christians are commanded to share it. So when someone says, 'Keep your religion to yourself', 'you have a right to believe what you want, but don't put it on me', etc, no, that's not the way it works. We had a series with the youth group last summer titled, 'How to love the LGBTQ Community'. Jesus himself said he did not come for the righteous, but for the sinner. We ARE to love our neighbor, but we ARE also supposed to share the truth with them as well. As for as the Christian thing, I was also pretty clear when I said, you can't be a Christian if you support living in sin. That's not debatable, it's biblical. I did also say that I made that claim about you specifically, because all of your arguments are that you support living in sin. If I've misinterpreted any of that, then by all means, accept my apology. But again, the bible is very clear on what is required to have a relationship with Christ. So with that, I would simply encourage you to better understand the bibles teachings on it, as you were 100% right last night that it is not my place to judge you personally. That responsibility is God's, and God's alone. So for that, I apologize.
  5. You haven't heard? Because the economy is booming!
  6. My kids have been exposed to people who drink alcohol. That doesn't mean I should take them to a bar. My kids have been exposed to girls wearing swimsuits at water parks that barely cover anything up. That doesn't mean I should take them to a strip club. My kids have been exposed to people who smoke. That doesn't mean I'm going to buy them a pack of cigarettes. Parents have a right to homeschool their kids. That doesn't mean you agree. As Chris Rock once said, "You can drive a car with your feet if you want to, that doesn't make it a good idea.". Years ago, people talked about the ramifications of kids playing violent video games, listening to music full of vulgar language and violence, one parent households, eating processed foods along with an abundance of meals served in a bag, etc. Today, those same people don't want to act like any of those things have had anything to do with lack of obedience in kids, kid violence (this one is all the guns fault), obesity, etc. The fact is, kids ARE impressionable. If you raise a child from birth believing that one race is superior to the rest, guess what that child is going to believe when they grow up...that they are superior to everyone else, while serving as the head of their local KKK group. If you raise a child to believe they can be whatever sex/gender (SAME thing!) they want, guess what they're going to believe when they grow up...that they can get pregnant even though they were born with a penis. Guess what's that's going to lead to when they realize some sicko lied to them all their life...depression. Guess what that depression is going to eventually lead to...suicide. Now, que the eye roll reaction in 3, 2, 1......
  7. No, it has not. As usual, you've blabbed on about everything EXCEPT the answer to the question asked. As for your last comment, all I can say is, you would only feel the need to say that if you knew what you are supporting is wrong.
  8. That's not what I asked. My question was, do you think it's okay for children to be exposed to all of this.
  9. Let me ask you this... When these events are done 'on Main Street', they are open to the public. That means, there are many people who take their kids to these events. So my question for you is this, do you believe that is okay? Is it okay for children to be exposed to all of this?
  10. When you make it clear to everyone on said message board, yes, I can draw that conclusion. I can 100% admit that I can be condescending at times, out of pure annoyance and frustration. Drawing the conclusion that you aren’t a Christian, is not that. There is a difference between being a sinner, and living in sin. I don’t need to pass judgement on you when you openly admit to everyone on this board that you support living in sin. All I did was point out the obvious. It was you, not I, that passed judgement. You passed judgment on every Christian, as liberals generally do, when you called us bigots and claim we pass hate simply for being against sin being praised. Calling out sin is not the same thing as passing judgement. We are all sinners.
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