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  1. I’m fairly certain Texas could’ve given the same deal. He didn’t back out of his Texas commitment because of NIL, but solely because Bo Davis left.
  2. I’d love to see the Niners win, and as the final seconds are ticking off the clock, have Shake It Off play on the PA.
  3. I hate the Niners. That said, I’m about ready to pull for them tomorrow because I’m sick of Taylor Swift.
  4. I see 8 losses. Buffalo Detroit Miami Baltimore Jacksonville Green Bay Kansas City Dallas
  5. And for the record, I don’t want Belichick. He’s done nothing without Brady, and his draft choices have been terrible.
  6. For anyone that thinks Belichick is the next coach… Why would you think JJ would fire Jimmy Johnson, but hire Bill? They’re virtually the same person.
  7. That would be a great get! I’ve also read that Silas Bolden is likely signing with Texas as well. Would also love for Jabbar Muhammad to end up in Austin.
  8. A team doesn’t have to have a first round RB to have a top running game. The RB with Baxter, Blue, and Gibson will be just fine.
  9. A lot of inexperienced talent in the WR room from recruiting had me optimistic, but still felt that group would be the biggest ? going into next season. Now, Worthy, Mitchell, and Whittington will be replaced by Cook, Bond, and Golden, with Moore, Niblett, and Wingo all likely to get reps as well. I now feel confident that the WR group will not miss a beat. Now the biggest ? shifts to the interior DL. Next season is shaping up to have more potential than this season did.
  10. They’ve tugged the jersey like that a few times tonight with no call.
  11. Michigan has gotten away with several holds in this game.
  12. I was being sarcastic. We’ve all heard of his daddy. Lol
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