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  1. This guy had already been arrested 40 times. This was not about mental health.
  2. Meanwhile, the democrats are all telling the men Happy Mother’s Day.
  3. Who cares, Biden can’t even read a teleprompter, and tries to shake hands with people that aren’t even there!
  4. Yes, he was attacking others, and threatened their lives. It was in the original article.
  5. I know, that’s why I used that example, lol. Because he’s one of those who probably has the ridiculous belief that the homeowner is the one wrong. He shouldn’t have had closed windows.
  6. He probably thinks when a burglar breaks into your house and cuts his leg open on the window he broke to get in, that it’s your fault as the homeowner.
  7. Remember when Trump was in office and people could actually afford gas, groceries, a new house, and our borders were secure? Those were good times.
  8. We also can’t just prosecute people just because of public outcry either.
  9. My spin? Look at my comment again. I literally copied and pasted from the article you shared, simply to show the girls age is a moot point. If you have a problem with that, then perhaps you should’ve read the article before posting it. And where in the world have I covered for him? I’m pretty sure I already stated the guy is wrong, just not for the reason you stated when you posted the article. The guy is a sleazeball and deserves to be expelled. Where you think I defended him is beyond me.
  10. You’re rolling eyes for me quoting an article you posted.
  11. No one said what he did wasn't wrong. I simply corrected the false narrative you tried to spin it as. But, democrats seem to do that often.
  12. According to the article, he invited her to his apartment where she had way too much alcohol, and the two had sex in early morning... 'The report found that the aide could not effectively consent nor indicate whether sex was welcome or unwelcome. The committee did not address the question of whether Slaton committed sexual assault, saying it did not have "sufficient facts" to undertake the analysis.' He then apparently sent threatening emails, 'The committee found that Slaton later engaged in harassment and retaliation to prevent staffers from speaking about his conduct. The aide testified that Slaton showed her an anonymous "threatening" email from someone claiming to know he had slept with a staffer. She said she became "really fearful" that she would lose her job. She said Slaton told her “everything would be fine. Everyone involved just has to stay quiet,” according to the report.' This is all why he was going to be expelled, and why he resigned. Her age had nothing to do with it.
  13. Her age has nothing to do with why they were going to vote to expel him. Did you read the article? I mean, you posted it. 'found he violated House rules by engaging in inappropriate workplace conduct, specifically sexual harassment and retaliation.'
  14. 19 isn't a child; it's a consenting adult.
  15. Because we've taught them that's it's wrong to be a young 'man'. There's no room in our society for masculinity.
  16. Not to mention... The Allen shooter was 33. The Cleveland (TX) shooter was 38. The Nashville shooter was 28.
  17. That's exactly what I was about to say. You can't not have a problem with 18 year olds serving in the military, but have a problem with 18 year olds owning an assault rifle.
  18. Where have I giggled? I think it’s absolutely ridiculous to think gun control would work in our society, but that does not mean I’m not pissed off this crap keeps happening, and heartbroken for every innocent person involved.
  19. It’s not a jumble. These are all things that have happened. And to sit back and act like they haven’t had a negative impact on society is both naive and ignorant.
  20. Again, the same President that wants to shout gun control, is the same President that left thousands of guns and ammo in the hands of our enemy. And you actually believe the liberal rhetoric has anything to do with safety?! Please. It’s all in the title, gun CONTROL! And who would control the guns? That’s right, the govt. And THAT, is why we have the 2nd amendment.
  21. And still, none of this would work. - As I’ve stated many times already, we have guns, ammo, and drugs illegally smuggled into our country EVERY day! And the Democratic Party doesn’t care. If they did, they’d secure the border! - Someone getting ready to commit a crime, especially one as tragic as this has too often become, does not care about illegally acquiring one of the many guns being smuggled into our country. So I say again, the democrats idea for ‘gun control’ will not work.
  22. Here’s another question, If strict gun laws work, then why don’t work in Chicago?
  23. Am I supposed to read that entire article, which would probably take 20 minutes), to find your answer? Why don’t you simply list the laws that you actually think would work. And remember, I’ve already posted a story regarding somewhere with strict gun laws (Serbia), and it didn’t stop the same incident from happening. Oh, and don’t forget to include in your list of laws for the US govt to actually protect our borders. Otherwise, with the open border policy we currently have, it won’t matter anyway.
  24. 1) the post I made about Serbia proves this is not true. 2) you didn’t answer my question.
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