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  1. It's not. Nor does it have anything to do with 'phobia', that they also like to throw out anytime someone disagrees with them. Maybe they suffer from realityphobia.
  2. If they want to have drag night at their local bar (which yes, has gone on for years), that's their business. When they start doing openly in libraries, schools, and other public places, that is the mere definition of 'forcing it'. It doesn't matter how deep they go with thinking about it. THAT is the point! A woman canNOT get testicular cancer, nor can a man get ovarian cancer. Hence, a man canNOT be a woman! As for the 'science', liberals continue to ignore the science of it, but then want to use science to back their 'theory'.
  3. I don't know whether to laugh, or cry. Either way, this is the problem. And sadly, millions of people out there are buying into the nonsense.
  4. Let me ask you two simple questions... Can a trans 'woman' get ovarian cancer? Can a trans 'man' get testicular cancer? These two questions aren't about what you 'think', they're simple biology.
  5. I have no problem with people thinking differently than me. People that have lost their minds, however, and then trying to force the BS on the rest of us, I do.
  6. The only people who don't see it as abuse, are the mentally ill. One thing I do agree on with liberals, is there is a mental illness in this country. But when someone doesn't see being confused about what gender you are as mentally ill, then what the hell do they consider mental illness?! There are two genders, TWO! To argue otherwise, or to THINK you are something else, something is wrong with you.
  7. How this continues to be allowed, is beyond me. This is the second consecutive year we've heard about something like this. Texas backup quarterback Maalik Murphy shined in the Longhorns’ spring game. The former blue-chip prospect from the 2022 recruiting class showed off his high-level talent, completing 9-of-13 passes for 165 yards and a touchdown. Murphy’s spring game performance caught the attention of many around the country. 247Sports reports multiple Power Five programs contacted Murphy about a possible transfer before the spring deadline. In the new era of college football with the transfer portal and NIL, holding on to a backup quarterback as talented as Murphy is extremely difficult. However, Steve Sarkisian credits the culture around the Texas program with helping the Longhorns keep Murphy out of the portal. The importance of having quality depth in the quarterback room can not be overstated.
  8. And it absolutely happens in schools...... https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2022/jun/16/eric-adams-throws-support-behind-drag-queen-story-/
  9. You're right about the first one, there should be parent responsibility. Not all parents are responsible, however. As for the second, no. Allowing men to read to children inside a school, while wearing a dress, should absolutely be blanket censorship. It shouldn't be allowed!
  10. While I agree that it should be limited for kids (our oldest son, middle school aged, has a phone that only allows for calls, texts, and pictures...no internet), I do, once again, find it funny the things politicians want to argue in favor of and against when it comes to kids. You want TikTok? Too bad, you're too young for that. You want a grown man wearing a dress to read to you? Sounds legit, I'll allow it.
  11. 'For example, by law a married woman is bound to her husband as long as he is alive, but if her husband dies, she is released from the law that binds her to him. So then, if she has sexual relations with another man while her husband is still alive, she is called an adulteress. But if her husband dies, she is released from that law and is not an adulteress if she marries another man.' -Romans 7:2-3
  12. My point being, is let's say hypothetically we stopped manufacturing guns in the US. Well, then you'd see a much larger percentage of these crimes being committed with the very guns I mentioned. Evil always has and always will find a way. There's only one way to stop it...Jesus' return. Until then, it will not matter what type of weapons are allowed, by which means you get them, or by how many you have, evil will always find a way; because it isn't the fault of the weapon, but the evil desire of the person possessing it.
  13. One of the problems with this, as I've mentioned before, is we have open borders, and politicians that support them, where guns are smuggled in illegally every day.
  14. Being confused about whether you’re a boy or girl is the mental issue; and we should be treating that, not encouraging it.
  15. This still means that we are teaching children that they can be another sex, which they cannot.
  16. That's not entirely accurate. See, most people read that passage and interpret it the very way in which you just implied it...in a literal sense. What this passage is referring to, is when God allows you to remarry AFTER a divorce. Again, as a man of God myself, I cannot imagine an instance in which God's desire would be to remain with a man who physically abuses his wife and/or children. However, even in this instance, because God does hate divorce, does not mean he would prefer the wife to immediately seek divorce. On the contrary, he would still prefer repentance and restoration. If this were not to ever happen (on the part of the abuser), then I do not believe God would want the person being abused to put themselves back in it. As for the topic already being discussed, you'd have to provide the age of the 'child'. If they are 17, for example, that's one thing. If they are 10, I still hold strong in my belief that having those two children be married is not the right solution; and I'd argue once again, that some adult somewhere was still not protecting those two children.
  17. I am a man of faith and completely agree with the Bible’s teaching on family. The Bible also talks about protecting children, however. With that, you have to ask the question, why is a child pregnant. For a child to be pregnant, means someone did not protect that child. Majority of the time, for a child to be pregnant, an adult took advantage of them. This is not acceptable, even by God. For that reason, I do not agree that having the child be married is the right solution. God is also against divorce. However, there are still certain times in which he permits it, for the protection of one involved.
  18. Well they play each other during the season, so it’s impossible for them to both be undefeated in a conference championship bout. Lol
  19. A few things I'd like to point out here... Serbia has very strict gun laws. There are only two types of guns you are allowed to own, a hand gun and a hunting rifle. Both are very hard to get permission to own. You need to fulfill the following conditions: Over 18yrs. Serbian or a permanent resident. Health check. No prior conviction of serious criminal acts like injuries, assaults, murder, robbery and similar. No conviction for disturbance of peace that requires jail time in the last four years, (so fights, threats, fighting a cop and similar). You need to pass a security check, cops talk to your neighbors, coworkers, boss, family to see if you are a stable member of society. You have a training certificate. Have a just cause for holding a weapon (three ways: personal safety - you need to have proof that your life may be in danger, hunting - you need to be a member of a hunting society, sports - you need to be an active member of a shooting club). You have a way to safe keep the weapon at home, meaning a gun cabinet or safe box that only you and no one else from the household can open (and cops do come to your home to check this). If you stop fulfilling any of these they can (and will) take away your weapon. All of this sounds familiar, right? It's basically what every liberal thinks our gun laws should be in this country. None of this, however, stopped this tragedy. Why, because EVIL exists in the world. Notice in ALL the blame mentioned in the article above, NONE was given to the gun. Nor did the lack of an available assault rifle decrease the number of innocent lives taken.
  20. BELGRADE, Serbia (AP) — A 13-year-old who opened fire Wednesday at his school in Serbia's capital drew sketches of classrooms and made a list of people he intended to target in a meticulously planned attack, police said. He killed eight fellow students and a guard before being arrested. The shooter first killed a guard at the school in central Belgrade and then three students in a hallway, according to senior police official Veselin Milic. He then entered a history classroom — apparently choosing it simply because it was close to the entrance — and opened fire again, Milic said. The assailant called police himself when the attack was over, though authorities received a call reporting the shooting two minutes earlier. A father of a student said the shooter entered his daughter’s classroom, firing at her teacher and then her classmates as they ducked under their desks. Most students at the school were able to flee through a back door, according to a local official. While Milic said the shooter planned the attack for a month, sketching classrooms and writing out a list of children he planned to “liquidate,” authorities said they did not know the motive for shooting. Although Serbia is awash in guns left over from the wars of the 1990s, mass shootings are extremely rare there and in the wider Balkan region. None were reported at schools in recent years. In the last mass shooting, a Balkan war veteran in 2013 killed 13 people, including family members and neighbors, in a central Serbian village. The rarity of such attacks added to the shock many felt. Commentators on television and officials repeatedly said it was the kind of thing they expected to read about elsewhere, particularly in the United States. Authorities declared three days of nationwide mourning, starting Friday. Police identified the shooter as Kosta Kecmanovic, who attended the Vladislav Ribnikar school, where students would typically range in age from 6 to 15. Because he is under 14, Kecmanovic can’t face criminal charges, the Belgrade prosecutor’s office said. Social services will determine what happens to him. He carried two guns belonging to his father — at least one a handgun —and four Molotov cocktails, officials said. Interior Minister Bratislav Gasic said the weapons were licensed and kept in a safe but the teen, who had been to shooting ranges, apparently knew the code. The father was also arrested. It’s not clear how many rounds were fired, but police said the shooter reloaded the handgun. In addition to the nine killed, six children and a teacher were also hospitalized. Local media footage showed a commotion as police removed Kecmanovic, whose head was covered as officers led him to a car. Police sealed off the blocks around the school. Authorities later carried body bags to a waiting van. Police said they received a call about the shooting at around 8:40 a.m. on the first day that classes resumed after a long weekend for the May 1 holiday. “I was able to hear the shooting. It was nonstop,” said a student who was in a sports class when gunfire erupted elsewhere in the building. Her mother asked that her name be withheld because of her age. “I didn’t know what was happening. We were receiving some messages on the phone.” The student described the shooter as a “quiet guy” who had good grades. “He was not so open with everybody. Surely I wasn’t expecting this to happen,” she said. Milan Milosevic, who said his daughter was in a history class when the shooting took place, told N1 television that he rushed to the school when he heard what had happened. He received a call from his daughter who had gotten out of the building and was unharmed. “He (the shooter) fired first at the teacher and then the children who ducked under the desks,” Milosevic said his daughter told him. Milan Nedeljkovic, the mayor of the Belgrade area of Vracar where the shooting happened, said that most of the students were taken out a back door of the school. “We have video surveillance, but now this is a lesson, we need metal detectors too,” he said. "It is a huge tragedy ... something like this (happening) in Belgrade. Such a tragedy at an elementary school.” Four students and a teacher were sent to University hospital, according to the hospital's director, who said one child and the teacher were in serious condition. While such attacks are rare, experts have repeatedly warned of the danger posed by the number of weapons in a highly divided country, where convicted war criminals are glorified and violence against minority groups often goes unpunished. They also note that decades of instability stemming from the conflicts of the 1990s as well as the ongoing economic hardship could trigger such outbursts. Luka Babic, a former student at Vladislav Ribnikar, bemoaned a culture of violence. “We can’t put the blame on this school, or its teachers. ... It's a tragedy of an society that promotes violence," Babic said. "We live in the society of violence, and its been promoted in media, in public space, on social media." Education Minister Branko Ruzic, however, was quick to blame “the cancerous, pernicious influence of the internet, video games, so-called Western values." Such criticism is common among government officials in Serbia, where pro-Russian and anti-Western sentiment have increased in recent years.
  21. Here's my opinion on smoking... Smoking is not one of those things that you can simply say, if you don't want to do it, then don't. Unless you do it in the privacy of your own home, you ARE affecting other people. I don't want to smell it, nor ingest it. Which, by the way, most research says that secondhand smoke is worse than smoking itself. So again, if you're smoking anywhere in public, then you ARE putting others at risk, and that is NOT your right. Now, all that said, the government will never outlaw smoking. There's too much money in it for them.
  22. Let’s make sure we explain fully what this means… God is God for everyone. Now does that mean he is ‘everyone’s God’? Only if you’ve accepted him. So you are correct in that aspect. I have accepted him so he is ‘my’ God. And you’re right, we do have religious freedom, as we do all other freedoms, because that is what God allows. While he is all powerful, he does not force anyone to follow him. That’s a choice we must all make. Our responsibility as disciples of Christ is simply to share him with others. Sharing is not the same thing as forcing, however.
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