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  1. Nuttin. …. But we do have tradition and history. That’s all we got……..
  2. Great to see you again. Always enjoy watching a game with a fan. Even from the other team. Pulling for the Pack the rest of the way. I’m sure we will see you down the line. Good luck.
  3. From my perspective, Mikie…you might be on to something. I think the Mavs take this one.
  4. Yeah but against WB we botched an extra point and went for two and did not make it......
  5. That’s right. Forgot about that loss. So 75% of the losses came from one team. Lol.
  6. Good times. Lol. With the exception of the first two on the list. I personally witnessed the remainder in person. 2019 was tough, but 05 was a brutal one. Losing to Lufkin for a third time in 02 was tough. The only team we lost to that year.....
  7. Speaking of lack of evolving.....This is the athletic director not the school district.....IJS.
  8. Depends. You can run plays you want to see at game speed against another opponent. Yes they will have it on film but that just gives them more to prepare for. Then have a broader package for that game. any good or smart coach will prepare to take away what you do best and live with the consequences. That makes it even more important to take advantage of all the opportunities durning the game.
  9. A memorable year. Man that was a long time ago. A la “Remember the Titans”. We finished second in district but that year they expanded to two teams. First runner up to when the state championship. What a great playoff run.
  10. Establishing a consistent running game will go a long way for the Mavs. That #11 is a game breaker. What is his classification? If they keep getting him the ball and shore up the defense I think the Mavs will be fine. Fwiw. Marshall have some size on the d line.
  11. For the longest they did not use single digit numbers. I did not know they took out #1. Reasoning?.
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