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  1. He as good as they come! Great coach and better guy.
  2. Not sure they could afford the retire rehire money!
  3. His brother will be the OC and JV baseball coach....Wrigley Fields.
  4. Well he is our biggest flex in football
  5. Ahhhh yeah I didn't know they were split. You're right, it'll be hard to get the money right.
  6. Brock is open. They have had a ton of success of late. Do you think they stay in house since they've been so good or open it up? If they do open it up they will get some BIG names.
  7. After their coach passed I was pulling for them to win the whole thing.
  8. Ohh man, Liberty Hill puts on a clinic...they had 700 rushing yards one game.
  9. Pewitt runs it about as good as you'll see!
  10. Willy is getting after it!
  11. Anything new out of Simms lately?
  12. Heard they were paying you 1500 a month to do the landscaping at the new AD's house! I can run a rake on the weekends!
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