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  1. On 7/12/2022 at 4:14 PM, SandiePrideNeverDies said:

    No offense taken. I actually believe Timpson can really put some lopsided scores on the board with this non-district slate (Beckville 35-7, Jefferson 48-14, Dangerfield 42-20, Waskom 62-0 due to brand new coach and from what I gather a fairly heavy graduation).

    I don't look at teams too far out of the region unless Grapeland has a deep run. That combined with nursing an injured shoulder, back, and foot does not make for a healthier mind either lol. So I got one wrong. 

    The UIL wasn't too bright to put Shiner and Refugio in the same district, in my opinion. Having them be undefeated or at one loss each late in the playoffs would more captivating to me. 

    No way Timpson holds Beckville to 7,  no way, unless Beckville has some injuries.  I have no dog in this fight but know both programs very well.  

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  2. On 11/22/2021 at 12:00 PM, CAC1231 said:

    I for one am excited for this one, being from Beckville and having my son play for Timpson. This years game should be more interesting with Beckville being a little healthier than last years meeting (beside Bo Hammons unfortunate ankle injury last Friday)   Have a safe week everyone, I’m taking the Bears by at least 1.  

    I'm thinking Bears 42 Bearcats 14 maybe 21

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