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  1. Off subject but can someone talk to me about Hughes Springs freshman team?
  2. I worked with Terry Morrow aka Bulldog (who was covering Walker in that JT game ON THAT PLAY). He told me all about the play. LOL
  3. He sure did, close to 200 yards I think. Eric Fagget #1 had a great game running too from his WB position. I remember when Snoddy went down eariler in the season, I was like oh no. Then here comes Smith, all 170 lbs of him, with the linebacker facemask and wow could he run. It changed the whole dynamic of that team.
  4. Chris Fuller just had surgery on his foot, swift recovery Lobo great!!
  5. I remember the HP Longview game in the playoffs like it was yesterday. Chris Fuller( my brothers good friend) and Darius Jones played lights out on defense. Great, great game. Go Lobos beat HP !!!!!!!
  6. Go Lobos!! I’m cleared by the doctor to go out in public Saturday!!! Covid ####!!!!!!
  7. Think about this, B Courtney from Timpson, K Horton and M Courtney from Carthage all played together at Beckville when younger. That would have been a strong team if they had stayed together.
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